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Rewards Points Stop coming

I have been with Best Buy since 2007 purchasing parts that I use for repairs. I have also been Tax Exempt since then. All the sudden this February I noticed I wasnt receiving Reward Points for Most of my purchases. When I finally contacted Support I was told that I cant receive points for purchases made with Tax Exemption, even though I had been for years. They said its a new policy introduced this year. What kind of crap is that? Whats the difference what I am purchasing this stuff for, I am still purchasing items from you? The only reason I am exempt is that I charge my customers Sales Tax so i shouldnt pay tax on the initial purchase. If I just purchase and pay sales tax then I get points? Then I can just sell it to my customers as part of a package and just tax that? Why do i have to go through that trouble? Makes absolutely no sense. My biggest issue is what changed from the last 10+ years. Now all the sudden I cant get points for these purchases. Talk about corporate greed. You shouldnt offer rewards if you are going to have rediculous stipulations that come out of nowhere. Totally unfair, but then again these days nothing is fair all bullcrap... Looks like I yet again have to find another vendor. It would be totally different if there was some kind reseller discount at least. So if I am using Best Buy as a vendor there is no perks then why even have business accounts???

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Re: Rewards Points Stop coming

Greetings, verduce, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


Each point plays an important role, as a single point can be what stands between a member and their next certificate, and as 10+ year member myself, redeeming certificates is still quite fun.  An eligible purchase would need to attach to a member's rewards account to be awarded points, but not all purchase are considered eligible.  You can read over which purchases do and don't qualify for points by checking out the My Best Buy terms, which I've provided a link to below.


The act of using tax-exempt status doesn't completely disqualify a purchase from qualifying for points; however, if a member's tax-exempt status is classified as being for resale purposes, then zero points would be awarded.  This isn't a recent change.  If you've been awarded points in the past while using tax-exempt status, then it may just be that your status wasn't classified as being for resale back then.  Either way, purchase for resale, and resellers in-general, are excluded from receiving points.  You may want to consider reaching out to our Best Buy for Business (BBFB) team going forward if your purchases are business-related.  You can reach BBFB by calling (800) 304-7955.


I'd be happy to review your rewards account if you have any specific questions, of if you have any other questions about the rewards program, then feel free to send me a private message and I'll see what I can do to help.  A private message can be sent by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the blue button in my signature labeled "Private Message."  I just ask that you include your name, phone number, and email address.


My Best Buy - Program Terms


The following purchases or transactions are excluded from receiving points (“Non-Qualifying Purchases”): Apple and Beats products and Apple services not purchased on standard credit with the Best Buy Credit Card, leased products, purchases made prior to becoming a member, purchases/rentals at rent-to-own locations inside Best Buy Stores, purchases from a Best Buy Store on a third-party website or marketplace (such as Amazon, Google or eBay), instant rebates, pre-orders at the time of deposit (the points will be awarded at the time of final payment or at the time you pick up the product), purchases made for resale, purchases paid with a reward certificate, purchases using any type of promotional financing, Best Buy gift card or Magnolia gift card, store credit issued by Best Buy, sales tax, service charges, certain Best Buy Business or commercial purchases, other excluded charges, and certain items that are excluded in particular promotions. Best Buy entities, such as Geek Squad® services, purchased in store are awarded points; Geek Squad services purchased in home are not.


Resellers are excluded from the program and from receiving points. If we mistakenly issue points for resale purchases, we reserve the right to deduct those improperly awarded points and/or to invalidate improperly issued reward certificates as well as to terminate such accounts.  If you are found, in our sole discretion, to be a reseller, your account may be terminated in accordance with Section 7.


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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