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Rewards Points Issues?

I recently purchased a phone at best buy in store and when in doing so the person at the register asked me for my email, phone number and name etc which I assumed was for creating a best buy account? Appearently no account was created for me during the purchase and I received no points for buying said phone. I also went and bought some accessories and such for my device including a phone case. I did not like the one I got so I later went back and returned it switching it out for a new one. During this exchange I all of a sudden had a rewards account now but during the purchase I did not. Is there anyway to receive the points I earned during my first purchase because I do not see why I have a rewards account now and not when I first bought the phone. On my second receipt it even mentions the original day of the transaction and it is the same as the day of the first one. I only just today made an account online due to receiving an email saying I should make a review for the product I purchased. They could send me emails and said I had an account and such yet when I tried to log on there was no account and I was required to "make" one even though they already were using my email and phone number. I really just want my points for the purchase if in any way possible?

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Re: Rewards Points Issues?

Hi there ForumsMember, 

Welcome and thank you for being a My Best Buy member! Phone purchases are super exciting, and can be quite expensive. With such expensive purchases generally comes some great rewards, so I can understand why you wouldn't want to miss out. 

With that said, phone purchases and activations can be a bit complex, so it sounds like the membership may not have been fully created during your original purchase. I would be delighted to review this so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 


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