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Rewards Certificates on a Disney Gift Card

Just  a quick question I am hoping someone can answer.  I always used to save my rewards and use on gift cards.  For example an iTunes card, Steam card, Nintendo, Sony etc.  I have a decent amount of rewards saved up now and wanted to buy a Disney card with my rewards because I am going to Disney for my birthday and wanted to have a little spending money to help with my expenses.  I redeemed a $50 certificate last night and just tried to buy 2 Disney gift card with it online and it is not letting me....  Is this something not allowed anymore or is a way I can still do this?


I really wanted this for my birthday, if not I will be SUPER bummed out and I would have redeemed a certificate for nothing and I don’t have anything else to use it on right now.

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Re: Rewards Certificates on a Disney Gift Card

Hi, justinTIME!


I see it's been a while since you've last posted with us. Welcome back, and Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have an awesome celebration planned.

Thanks for posting your question. My understanding is that My Best Buy Certificates are not be able to be redeemed for prepaid gift cards, also known as point of sale activation or "POSA" cards. This is a part of the Terms & Conditions of our My Best Buy Program. You can find a full list of items that certificates cannot be applied to in the "Non-Qualifying Redemptions" portion of the program terms.


If your order was cancelled, any certificates on the order should be returned to your account within three to six business days of the cancellation. If you do not see the certificates or points after that point, please feel free to send me a Private Message for assistance, being sure to include your full name, email address, and phone number. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.

While you may not be able apply the certificates to a gift card, I'm sure that you will be able to find something else on our website that will help you celebrate your Disney birthday. You can find lots of Disney movies, shows, and collectibles, here.


Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have any questions!


Helpful Links:

My Best Buy Program Terms

My Best Buy Frequently Asked Questions

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Re: Rewards Certificates on a Disney Gift Card

Thanks for the response. I forgot to respond to this earlier.  That is a bummer to hear because I was really hoping to get myself some gift cards so I could buy some souvenirs.


My problem is (which I guess I didn’t explain well), that now that I cannot use my $50 certificate for the gift cards I wanted I have a certificate that I don’t have anything to use it on currently.  If I would have known of the policy change I would not have redeemed the points for the certificate.  Is there any way I can get the certificate removed and all of the points put back on my account?  


I dont know how this works, I have never had this problem, because I have always been able to use my certificates on what I wanted before.



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Re: Rewards Certificates on a Disney Gift Card

Hello, justinTIME,


Based on the My Best Buy™ FAQ on, a certificate cannot be converted back into points once having been issued.  Also, a certificate will generally be valid for a period of 60 days unless noted otherwise.  With that having been said, I would like to go over your rewards with you in a bit more detail, so I will be sending you a private message shortly.  You can read a private message by clicking on the little envelope icon at the top of the page.


My Best Buy™ - FAQ


Can I convert a reward certificate back into points?

No. Once a reward certificate has been issued, you must use it toward a purchase at Best Buy or before the expiration date.


Best Wishes,

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