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Reward History shows Points Received, but they never became Pending nor Certificates?

I purchased a couple of things in the fall, and should have received about 4200 points. I used my Best Buy Credit Card, and chose the rewards option and not the financing. They were a monitor, and 4 systems, all gifts for upcoming holidays. It shows in the reward history that the transaction awarded the points, but they never became Pending, they didn't get added to my point banking either, they are simply not awarded. What is the issue?

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Re: Reward History shows Points Received, but they never became Pending nor Certificates?

Good afternoon, YamiJustin, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


Each and every point counts, especially when just a single point can be what stands between a member and that next certificate.  Now, a group of purchases potentially totaling almost 4,000 points it a little different story, and I can understand questioning why those points may not be reflected.  If the purchases in-question are displayed in your rewards history with points having been awarded but those points aren't actually reflected in your balance, then it could be that your balance went negative at some point.


Did you process any large returns during 2020, or do you see that a large number of points were deducted from your rewards account?  A return will usually result in points being deducted, so a large enough return could cause a points balance to go negative.  Please send me a private message with the details listed below, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, and I'll take a closer look at your rewards account to ensure it's up-to-date.



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Best Wishes,

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