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Reward Certificates Are Unfortunately "Simultaneously Divided Per Product"

The "My Best Buy Terms" do not state that Reward Certificates used in a single order will not simply be used towards the total order (like most major retailers do) but will actually be "simultaneously divided per product" (according to a Best Buy Chat Agent).


My situation: I purchased 3 different products in one online order. I applied 3 Reward Certificates ($100, $15, $10) which would reduce the total order price by $125, that is clearly understandable and utilized by many other major retailers. However, the $125 is then "simultaneously divided per product" dispersed across each product included in the order. Each product was priced around $180 so each item had approximately $40 discounts due to the Reward Certifcates being divided. Specifically each items Reward Certificate discount were as follows: ($39.88, $40.33, $44.79) which totals to $124.97, I don't know why this didn't reach the full $125 but I am not worried about the $0.03 difference. However, I decided to return 2 of the products due to disatisfaction but Best Buy will return the Reward Certificates for those 2 products being returned allowing them to only be used towards furture purchases rather than applying them to the product I am keeping. That means Best Buy's actions prevent me from saving approximately $85 on my order!


I discovered myself that I could work around this issue by returning all 3 products, waiting a few days for all 3 Reward Certificates to be returned and then re-ordering the 1 product I wanted to keep and apply all 3 returned Reward Certificates towards that order to save $120. Having to take such action is not only inconvenient but is easily avoidable by keeping the Reward Certificate discounts towards the total order rather than "simultaneously divided per product" which again is not included in the "My Best Buy Terms". Again, many other major retailers keep the discounts applied to the total order even if products within that order are returned.


Not only did I discover how this issue can be resolved, rather inconveniently, by returning all 3 products and making another order. Going forward I will only include 1 product per order when using Reward Certificates. That will also be inconvenient but less than what I am already experiencing. Furthermore, this will even be more inconvenient for Best Buy as if I had previously taken this action they would have to package 3 products individually which would also require the expense of 3 separete shipments. With me returning 2 of those products they would also have to pay for 2 seperate return shipments. Not only did Best Buy fail to notify their members of such terms, they also utilized actions that are not used by many other major retailers and they also created a situation that can increase their own expenses.


The Best Buy Chat Agent I initially communicated the matter with said Best Buy has no control over the matter... sure they do. The Chat Agent also refused my request to be transferred to another agent multiple times. The Chat Agent even refused to file a complaint saying that it was just another action that Best Buy simply could not do.


I have been a My Best Buy Elite Plus Member for years but overall I am not only disatisfied but also frustrated. I doubt anything will be changed by my complaint (if it was even submitted by the 2nd Chat Agent) nor this forum post. However, I ask Best Buy to please apply Reward Certificates towards the whole order... WITHOUT dividing them per product OR at the very least provide such information in the "My Best Buy Terms"!

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Re: Reward Certificates Are Unfortunately "Simultaneously Divided Per Product"

Hello, TrentBoot,


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out regarding your frustrations with our My Best Buy program, specifically surrounding the redemption of reward certificates. I understand you redeemed a substantial amount in rewards on an order with three items, and were left disappointed when you found the amount of rewards applied to two of the returned items were credited, rather than applied to the remaining item. I can definitely understand why this may be disappointing, as it leaves you paying significantly more for the remaining item than if you had used all of the certificates on it. 


While our My Best Buy Terms do not explicitly advise the rewards will be split between items on an order, they do advise certificates are coupons used for discounts on items, and applied pre-tax. Given these terms, the certificates are applied directly to items in order to provide discounts. I hope this helps clarify your experience with our rewards program, though I know it may not assuage your frustration with the workaround you found. 


Should you have any ideas for changes you would like to see, please feel welcome to share them on our IdeaX page. There, other customers may share their input and vote on ideas for us to review. 


Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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