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Return reward certificate back to points

Hi BB Team,


I need some help with my rewards certificate. When my rewards account was originally set up, the rewards system was set to auto redeem at $50 for a certificate. However, I did not want the system to generate that, and now there is an option to keep the points going and redeem whenever I wish (this was not the case when I set up the account years ago). Unfortunately, the certificate issued at $50 and will expire in about a month. Unfortunately, I do not have any large purchases for the certificate to offset. How do I go about requesting the certificate to be refunded back into reward points?


Thank you!

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Re: Return reward certificate back to points

Hello Roguenite, 

Welcome, and thank you for being a My Best Buy member. Receiving a $50 reward certificate should be exciting, but I can understand how dismaying it may be if you don't have any purchases of sufficient size coming up in which to use it.


As an optional benefit, our Elite and Elite Plus members do have the benefit of banking their points, to save them and not have certificates automatically issued. Our default setting is to have certificates automatically issued at $5 though, and unless changed, would not automatically change to banking just because the optional benefit is available. Under our My Best Buy Terms, certificates typically have 60 days to be redeemed. Once expired, we're usually unable to reissue them. Additionally, our My Best Buy FAQ advises that certificates cannot be converted back into points. 


I would be happy to review your membership with you to ensure your settings are best set for your needs. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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