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Report Missing Points - An unexpected error occurred

I have two receipts that I'm trying to get reported, both times I gave the cashier my account info (always make sure too because I like to keep track of my purchase history)
One has no account listed on the receipt so I assume it just didn't go through for some reason, and the other has someone else's member ID. I have all the parts and paid for them so definitely deserve to have them on my account lol. Every time I try to enter the info in to report it I receive an unexpected error. Anyone have any idea what would cause this?
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Re: Report Missing Points - An unexpected error occurred

Hello, Wickedrypt


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on Forums about your situation. 


Here we can provide assistance with any question or situation that you may have. Missing points on a transaction is not great and I understand your frustration with your situation. I would like to provide support for your situation and see what happening. Before I can provide support, I do need to confirm your information in order to take a look into your account. When you can, please reach out to me via private message and include the information below. Once I receive your information, I will be able to take a look into the situation and see what happened.


Information needed: 

Full name

Telephone number



In addition, I do want to let you know on March 20th, these Forums will no longer be available, in the future please reach out to us on Social Media or on our Support Page. Please let us know soon.


Thank you,

Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
As of March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available. For future support, you can reach out to us on Social Media or