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Re: My Best Buy Account breached, banked reward points were redeemed and then used

Happened to me for the 2nd time today too.


First time was back in September.


My account 100% has 2FA enabled though.  I called customer service and asked what the heck happened, and the rep told me that the notes on my account said that someone called in, gave my phone # and address to "verify" the account, and then told the customer service rep that they were having issues redeeming points online.


That customer service rep then manually redeemend the points for certs, which were actually sent to my email.  But apparently you don't even need the email/certificate itself.  All you need to do is ask the cashier to apply any outstanding certificates towards your purchase, and give them your phone #.  


The 1st time it happened they bought a Macbook and an iPad in Maryland.  Today they got another Macbook and another iPad, but this time in New Jersey.  

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Re: My Best Buy Account breached, banked reward points were redeemed and then used

Hello, skeelo58


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums page.


Making sure your account is safe is a important deal and I understand your frustration in someone having access to your account. I want to provide additional insight into the situation and see if we can provide additional advice and ideas into account security. Make sure to use a more advance password for your Best Buy account. When making a password for your Best Buy account, make sure to use a more complicated pair on letters and numbers. This makes it harder for people to guess your password and ensures that a person would have to take more time to guess it. Normally people who want assess to an account don't want to spend too much time trying to get access into the account, so this is a great way to prevent them.


The other thing I would personally recommend is to double check your personal email. People can gain access to your account via your personal email if they have access, intended or not. Personally for email I always advise randomizing your password and keeping it written down to ensure safety of your account. I do the same thing with my personal email account and I advise people to do the same thing.


If you are still encountering problems, please reach out to us via private message for further assistance. If you have any other questions, Please let us know.






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Re: My Best Buy Account breached, banked reward points were redeemed and then used

Protecting your email and Best Buy account doesn't matter if the thief can call into phone and request the change and get the rewards issue while the thief is in the store and the store employee can apply reward purchases without the certificate.


skeelo58, if you gotten helped previously, you probably won't get helped again as I just basically gotten told sorry, we aren't able to help you on this.


For all others, I would caution banking any rewards as it seems Best Buy doesn't have the controls or security to prevent users from fraudulent issuing rewards since they can just call into phone support as long as they have a phone number.