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Purchases showing 0 points and others not letting me report missing points


     Thought it was odd that my points total was not increasing so I decided to look at my history, which by the way Best Buy does not make easy to do in my opinion. Have purchases that show 0 points and when I go to report missing points it says that points were already rewarded. Other purchases that I have made since July show 0 points and when I go to report those orders as missing points it says that the information given does not match their records. I have doubled checked the order number and total... there is only one zip code I ship to so that can not be the issue. Are there items that you do not get points on? 

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Re: Purchases showing 0 points and others not letting me report missing points



Welcome and thank you for being a My Best Buy member! Anticipating points for purchases to not receive any would be a frustrating conundrum. While I'm glad to hear you attempted to report the purchases for missing points, please know that tool is for when you forget to add a purchase to your membership. As the purchases are reflected, regardless of number of points awarded, this wouldn't be a helpful tool in this case. 

There are a few reasons why a purchase may not be awarded points. Most commonly is the form of payment didn't qualify for points. These include gift cards, My Best Buy reward certificates, our Best Buy Credit Card when a financing option is chosen, or even purchases made for resale. For more details, you may wish to review our My Best Buy Terms.

I would be delighted to take a closer look, so I am sending you a private message. You may check your messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


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