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Purchases history not showing up. Credit card sent to wrong address

Hello, i have spent a decent amount of money today on computer parts as well as a watch for the wife. I am not sure who i worked with but im sure you guys can look it up. My purchase's do not show up on my account other then the stuff that needs to be shipped to store for pick up as it wasnt in stock.. that is very weird.. I applied for a credit card and got approved but when i gave the address to the guy he mis typed it i assume or something? I said C206 and he put APT 206.... which is very frustrating as i did not catch this until i got home and checked my account.  Which the next question is the credit card will not be able to be receieved by me because of this error.. and i am not sure what to do. The guy offerd no warranty either for watch and it felt like he just wanted me out of his hair honestly. If i knew this was how i was going to be treated i would not of come in

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Re: Purchases history not showing up. Credit card sent to wrong address

You can report the card as lost and then get a new one. In the mean time if this is a private label BBY CC and not the VISA Card you should be able to get a new number and shop online by calling 1-888-BEST-BUY or having them look it up in store.

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Re: Purchases history not showing up. Credit card sent to wrong address

Good morning, Kyle_0131,


Welcome to our community forums. As a My Best Buy member, I know that being able to view my purchase history is one of the best benefits. I can certainly understand wanting to get this sorted out and get your My Best Buy credit card updated.


Using the information associated with you forum account, I see that you've been working with a member of our Facebook team. For further assistance, I would recommend continuing to work with Duncan.


Please let me know if I can assist you with any unrelated matter!



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