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Preorder with certificates questions

I had some certificates that I used for a preorder for a game not yet with a solid release date. I have a few questions.


1) If the preorder somehow gets canceled (by Best Buy, not myself), and the certificates expired in the time between using and canceling, would I be able to get my points back? It would be like if an item is returned after certificates were used, right? They'd just go back to my point total and be reissued?


2) I'm Elite Plus, which is about to be taken away. This is a $60 game I put for shipping that comes with a bonus item. The two together are well over the $35 free shipping threshold. Neither should charge me shipping when they're shipped out, correct? Even if they ship separately? Or will my certificates negate my $35 threshold? Or does my preordering before my account loses perks negate that lower limit?


3) If I decided to cancel this preorder now, or any time before my certificates should have expired anyway, would the certificates be reverted back to my account as points? 


4) One certificate was a bonus gift with a different expiration date. If I cancel this preorder, would that one become a valid certificate again since it wasn't from my point tally?

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Re: Preorder with certificates questions

Hello, hnbrink, 


Thanks for reaching out to us on Best Buy Forums. As someone who thoroughly enjoys using rewards certificates, I can understand having some questions regarding a cancellation of an order and the return of those points. If an order is cancelled in which a non-bonus certificate was redeemed, those rewards will be converted back into points and returned to the account usually within 72 hours of the cancellation regardless of the original expiration date. The bonus rewards certificates are considered an one-time use coupon and would be forfeited if the order were to be cancelled. This information can also be viewed here for confirmation, if you would like. 


To answer your questions regarding the shipping charges, benefits of your membership status are based upon the date the order was placed. You will still retain all of your original benefits for this order and any other purchase made during this status being active. Shipping charges on these purchases would have been incurred during the original purchase process if the order was subject to those charges. You should not see any additional charges related to this moving forward.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions. 




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