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Points earned for Cash + Trade-in?



I've tried searching for the answer to this, but I wasn't able to find the answer I'm seeking.   If I purchase a cell phone (not Apple) and get a trade-in allowance (thus forfeiting my old phone), will I earn BB points based upon the total price of the phone, or just the cash portion of the transaction?   (And if the former, does it count towards elite status?)


Just wondering, thanks.


- Tom

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Re: Points earned for Cash + Trade-in?

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Hello, ttownsendNH! 


Thanks for connecting with us. I can understand catching the best deals offered and setting yourself up for future deals and savings. 


My Best Buy Benefits


Yes, you can earn My Best Buy points for purchasing an eligible phone outright (not on a fixed plan with a carrier) for the amount of the subtotal of the phone. Points issued would be contingent upon membership level as well as if you are paying with a My Best Buy Credit Card. 


With that being said if you are trading in a phone (for that unit's value) and decide to apply it towards the phone you are purchasing, whatever the new reduced subtotal is, it is how the points will be calculated. You do not earn points by simply trading in a device. 



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