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Points added to another account?

Heya forum mods..


In October 2017 I bought a 4k TV in-store with a new Best Buy Citi card with 24 month financing. I should be seeing 10% ($120) of the purchase value in rewards points, but I never got them on my account. 


The "report missing points" function tells me they've been added to another account. If you check my purchase history, the TV is there and the points are not. 


Was this in error, or do points not accrue until the card is paid off? Are you able to see what account the points were added to?


Appreciate ya!

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Re: Points added to another account?

Good afternoon, User881409


Welcome to the Best Buy forum!


The purchase of a 4K TV could no doubt result in a significant amount of points, especially when using a My Best Buy™ credit card.  That amount would basically double when you include the 10% back offer, so I can understand having questions if it appears points may not have ever been awarded.  Do you not see the purchase at all in your rewards history on  You may need to adjust the search time frame since the purchase was processed back in Oct. 2017.  Could it be that the purchase is displayed but with zero points?  If that is the case, then there isn't anything to report as "missing."  It may just be that the purchase didn't qualify for points.


You mentioned applying the purchase to a promotional financing offer for 24 months, which is likely the answer to your question.  A purchase will not qualify for points when applied to a promotional financing offer.  Our members can choose between standard financing and points OR promotional financing and zero points (base and bonus).  While the purchase may not have qualified for points, it would still have counted towards you reaching Elite and Elite Plus status back in 2017.  I would be more than happy to take a closer look at your rewards account though if you were to send me a private message with the below information by clicking on the blue button found in my signature.



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Best Wishes,

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