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Points Expired - Set to Bank

Its been a number of years since I reached into the rewards system to check my points. I've been  a regular shopper at Best Buy purchasing products both for my personal use and the business. I set the points to bank figuring that one day when I we wanted something special they would be there for us.  Well that day has come, when we needed to change addresses getting rid of most of our tech and appliances. Now that we are getting ready to move into our new place, we were looking forward to using the points along with some of our purchases. A peek into the Reward program and everything that was in there has evaporated except for a couple of recent purchases. I can't exact say when the last time I used the points, but I'm estimating it is 4plus years if not longer.  Since Jan 2016, the system show purchases of more than $6800.00.  I'm sure if i research some older receipts when we finish unpacking I can calculate more years going back to the last time we used rewards. In short we lost a significate value unbeknownst to us.  


Rewards many times tipped the scale toward Best Buy vs buying elsewhere figuring I had a rainy day fund that was continuing to grow. I think I've been a very fair patron for you with almost no returns and only cancelling orders when the company could not deliver on time. If this is the way a quality customer is treated, no thank you.  


I'm not saying that we will stop shopping Best Buy, but certainly the reason to chose one retailer over the other will not be as compelling.  


- Pat    


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Re: Points Expired - Set to Bank

Good morning Pat,


Welcome to the forum and thank you for being a loyal My Best Buy member! It’s fantastic to hear you’ve been shopping with us for so long. I can imagine banking rewards for a rainy day fund would be quite enticing, especially with a move coming up.


If you were unaware your points were being automatically issued, I can imagine your surprise when you logged in to find significantly fewer points than you expected. It sounds like at some point your My Best Buy status allowing you to bank your points may have expired, causing any available points to be automatically issued. For more information on this, please feel welcome to check out our My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ.


With that said, it is unlikely we would be able to recover any points or reissue any certificates for you, especially as it has been years. However, I would be delighted to gather some information to look into the account to see exactly what may have happened, whether it be tier expiration or something else. I am sending you a private message, so please keep an eye on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page.



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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