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Someone stole $415 worth of my hard earned rewards points with Best Buy. This happened at a store hours away from my house while I was traveling out of state. I found out about it because I received an email for an order I never placed.


This is the SECOND time this happens in just a few months.


I spent hours on the phone today and no one has been helpful. PLEASE HELP ME!!

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Hi diegous79,


Thanks for sharing this with us here on the Best Buy Forums. I'm certainly concerned to hear this happened again to your account, and that you have had difficulty getting help with it today. I did receive your private message as well in our conversation, and will follow up with you there shortly to make sure this gets resolved.


Best Regards,

Caleb|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Happened to me twice.  It was an absolute nightmare to get any help and 4 months later, I'm still trying to finish getting my new account (which I was forced to change to) set up properly to register I even have a BB credit card. Good luck. Mine were both stolen at a store several states away, where I've never been in my life, and no one helped after the first time, so it happened again, and it's been a complete pain. 

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This seems to be a very common problem points stolen from about the same 3 stores in maryland.

You woud think by now bestbuy would do a policy change on how instore points are redeemed / accessed , and there fraud department would try to find the person that has stolen over thousands of merchandise multiple times or it could be a inside job from someone that works in bestbuy or in this forum group

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BOTH times this happened to me was from stores in Maryland -- both stores also MILES away from where I live. The fact they allow points to be redeemed by anyone tells me it has to be an inside job or in coordination with someone at the store. It is incredibly frustrating.