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No Points For Purchase Policy

So I received no points for a purchase I made at a Best Buy Store.  I called CS and was informed it was due to choosing financing for my purchase.  CS told me I could go back to the store and have them cancel the payment, and then redo the payment without financing.  Then once that was done call CS again and have them fill out a form to see if since the financing removed points would be applied.  Though of course from what CS was saying there would be no guarantee after doing this I would receive the points.  So I would have to take all the time to do that, without guarantee I would receive the points.


I didn't find out about the policy until after calling into CS to inquire as to why I received no points.  It is wrong that information is only listed online in the credit card section.  The person working the register could easily mention, hey if you take financing you don't get any points.  Also the payment system which has you choose financing when paying with your BB credit card could mention that.  Considering it easily tells you hey would like to do zero financing for 12 months using your BB credit card.


So BB has now officially lost a long term customer due to their policy.  Not that losing 1 customer will matter to them I am sure.  But maybe out of this they will update either the pay system software at the registers or at least have person working the register explain this to customers.  Or they could even put something at the registers explaining this.


If someone from BB wants to message me and discuss this they are more then welcome to.



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Re: No Points For Purchase Policy

Hello xaviercross, 

Thank you for being a long-time customer and My Best Buy member! As a My Best Buy member with one of our Best Buy Credit Cards, I'm sure you've been enjoying the benefits such as the extra points awarded when paying with this card. 

With that said, I'm discouraged to hear you may not have been aware of our My Best Buy Terms regarding points and financing. As you are well aware now, when choosing a financing option the purchase does not qualify for points. It should, however, still count towards your Elite or Elite Plus tier status. 


Once financing is chosen, the only way to change this would be to reprocess the purchase while choosing standard financing. The standard financing would then allow points to post. I understand you may not have been convinced this would resolve your issue for as cumbersome as the process may have been. If you're still within the Return & Exchange Promise, please feel welcome to visit your local store to process this. 

We greatly appreciate you reaching out to us to share your experience and concerns regarding our payment processes and systems, especially in regards to our Best Buy Credit Cards. If you should have any other questions, please let me know. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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