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New Rewards Policy = Dumb

Reward points change:
Lastly, on February 14, earning points on eligible Best Buy purchases will become an exclusive benefit of the My Best Buy® Credit Card. To continue earning rewards on your Best Buy purchases, you can apply for the My Best Buy® Credit Card and earn 10% back* in rewards on your first day of purchases. Plus, for a limited time you can earn a $100 reward certificate* when you apply, are approved for, and spend $100 on your new My Best Buy® Credit Card at Best Buy. Activation required. Offer ends February 13, 2023.


This is completly dumb to say the least. I have been a Best Buy costumer for about 15 years, I have spent ten of thousands of dollars, and I'm a TotalTech member, but that's not enough for Best Buy, now you want to shove a credit card down my throat.


You have to realize that not all your costumers can get approved, or simply don't want to get a credit card. You're taking the choice away from us. In my case I'm not trying to apply for a new credit card, Personally, I have financial goals for this year, and I don't want to be running my credit just to earn a few point. 


You're going to be losing loyal costumers like myself just to increase your credit card holders. I hope you reconsider this. Instead of taking the choice away from your costumer you should offer better insentives to apply for your credit card. Don't force it on us.

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Re: New Rewards Policy = Dumb

They just don't care.


Like when they gutted the elite rewards program and killed it entirely.


I hate to be the "I've shopped here for YEARS" guy...but I've watched this place go from top tier and told people it was worth paying extra for, to...this.


They literally don't even reward loyalty anymore, and hide it behind an interest paywall.

You don’t even replace your orders you damage anymore, and your reps on the phone, online, and in store treat customers like garbage.


Tell me best buy, with your horrible customer service, refusal to do ANYTHING about your years of screwing up on packing, and damaging merch in store and shipping to homes, and your repeated inability to do right by your customers, why should we keep coming back?