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New Rewards Policy = Dumb

Reward points change:
Lastly, on February 14, earning points on eligible Best Buy purchases will become an exclusive benefit of the My Best Buy® Credit Card. To continue earning rewards on your Best Buy purchases, you can apply for the My Best Buy® Credit Card and earn 10% back* in rewards on your first day of purchases. Plus, for a limited time you can earn a $100 reward certificate* when you apply, are approved for, and spend $100 on your new My Best Buy® Credit Card at Best Buy. Activation required. Offer ends February 13, 2023.


This is completly dumb to say the least. I have been a Best Buy costumer for about 15 years, I have spent ten of thousands of dollars, and I'm a TotalTech member, but that's not enough for Best Buy, now you want to shove a credit card down my throat.


You have to realize that not all your costumers can get approved, or simply don't want to get a credit card. You're taking the choice away from us. In my case I'm not trying to apply for a new credit card, Personally, I have financial goals for this year, and I don't want to be running my credit just to earn a few point. 


You're going to be losing loyal costumers like myself just to increase your credit card holders. I hope you reconsider this. Instead of taking the choice away from your costumer you should offer better insentives to apply for your credit card. Don't force it on us.