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My rewards dollars were taken away

I had a rewards dollars balance of $165 that was set to expire in June. I logged in on the day they were set to expire to use the reward dollars before they were gone and they had already been removed from my account. I've called multiple times, including that day. I'm either left on a gangster hold, told no one can help me or told someone will call me back that can help.

I was told one time, over the multiple calls, that the rewards dollars expire at store opening on the day of expiration. What?!? I said so they actually expire the night before and he said yes. That's a horrible policy.

I bought a washer, dryer, dishwasher, range, fridge, microwave, freezer, laptop and 75 inch TV there last year and that's just off the top of my head. That alone is over $10K in the brick and mortar Best Buy store. Then when I go to use the rewards dollars they're jacked from me a day early? It's now a month later and I still don't have an answer or any help?

We're going through a pandemic where rules are constantly changing on what stores are allowing who and how to come in. You weren't even letting people in your store for a moment. Then a sneaky rule about the dollars expiring the night before, come on, this isn't right.

I would really appreciate some help on recovering my rewards dollars that I tried to use before they expired. I'm a loyal Best Buy customer. Not only have I bought the above mentioned big ticket items, I've also bought other appliances in the past for my rental properties in the store. I would really appreciate some reconsideration regarding those rewards dollars considering the current pandemic, the store was closed, the world stopped spinning and I still tried to use them before they were expired but had them stolen away. Thank you.

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Re: My rewards dollars were taken away

Can someone from Best Buy help me out here? 

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Re: My rewards dollars were taken away

Hello, LG133, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out regarding your expired My Best Buy certificates. I know I hate to miss out on redeeming these rewards, so I would be feeling pretty upset to find $165 expired before I could redeem them. 


Under our My Best Buy Terms, these certificates should expire at 11:59pm CT on the day mentioned. Typically, customers in Mountain or Pacific time zones may experience trouble redeeming rewards due to the time difference when attempting to redeem them in the last couple hours, but otherwise such issues shouldn't occur. Generally speaking, this is a smooth process, so it would be peculiar to have a certificate expire early. Once expired though, we're usually unable to reissue them. For more details, please feel welcome to review the details below. 


Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ

It is also upsetting to hear you may have been provided some misinformation regarding when these expire, as they don't expire the night before the date listed. I would be delighted to take a closer look at this with you, so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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