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My last time buying from Best Buy

I recently bought a sizeable purchase from BestBuy. I've been an elite member for 3 years and I thought it would fall under the 30 day policy. I had already reached the threshold for the previous year. Alongside that, I had secured next year's elite membership by January of 2022. I didn't realize that the membership had been negated mid-year. As a result when I went to return the device 16 days later, it had already fallen out of the return period. I called customer support, nothing they could do. 

This was partly due to my ignorance and not reading every email sent into my inbox (the marketing folder). But I couldn't help but feel kind of scammed. It's negligible in the larger scale of things but Best Buy has lost one loyal customer.


TotalTech is a great idea but to alienate every single customer outside of the program from industry standard practices seems unwise. 



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Re: My last time buying from Best Buy

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I know the decision to transition away from the Elite and Elite Plus tiers was something that was not taken lightly, and I would be frustrated as well to find out about it when making a return. As you mention, our Totaltech membership has some great benefits that go above and beyond the Elite and Elite Plus tiers! Can you send a private message with the information below? I would love to see if anything can be done in regards to the return item, as well as document this for you on our corporate systems. You should be able to send a private message by clicking the button to the right of my signature!



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Re: My last time buying from Best Buy

Try being an Elite Plus member and being told your benefits are gone. The Elite and Elite Plus membership were definitely a reason I shopped more often at Best Buy. With them being gone I have started shopping at other stores more. It shows in my drop in purchases from Best Buy. Way to go Best Buy...way to reward your high spend customers...
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Re: My last time buying from Best Buy

I found out yesterday they ended this may, and notified NO ONE!  I'm just glad I didn't have an expensive item that I needed to return.



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Re: My last time buying from Best Buy

They definitely sent out an email about the changes in advance, unfortunately too many people let the Best Buy emails go to their spam folders.  I can't be sure that everyone got one, but I can assure you that the assertion that they "notified NO ONE!" is incorrect.

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Re: My last time buying from Best Buy

I feel the same way.  The incentive to select BB is eroded in the interest of forcing a membership.  I never really understood how earning 1% in rewards equated to 0.5% anyway.  I guess it is like paper towel math, 8 rolls equals 16 or whatever scheme works to increase sales.  For me these changes affect my decision with the return policy.  While I have never needed it(fortunately), knowing it was there felt better for large purchases.  I won't say I will never buy here again, but I will not choose Best Buy first as there are plenty of places to get the same item for the exact same price.  If an item I am seeking just happens to be in stock at a local store, then it may win just for the ability to obtain it faster.  If I have to actually order it and wait, then Best Buy is definitely not going to be the place to get my business as my experince with shipping is poor.  Order an item and it says get it in two days?  More like 10 days.  If you are lucky it will have a tracking number on the second day and then it will hang in the system for several more days before you see movement.  I will say it was nice of Best Buy to send me an email and text message stating the USPS notified them of a delay in my shipment when it wasn't even showing in the USPS possesion yet.  Sadly, the customer is disrespected on both time and treatment now.