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My Best Buy Mystery Certificate

So I received an email which said Redeem your My Best Buy Mysterday Rewards Certificate online or in store and get up to $5,000 in certificates. There was a Reveal Now button which I clicked and opened in a web browser. However, the message (on Best Buy site) said 'We're Sorry. It looks like you're not eligible to use this reward.' However, the email fine print states that the offer is open 'to whom the Offer is sent via email and who are My Best Buy Program members as of 12/6/2020.' So obviously, since I got the email, I was hoping I would get something. I then went on Live Chat to speak to a representative who directed me to call a number. When I called, the lady I spoke with basically gave me the same run around of all the information I already saw in my email. She had no real answer for me. After she could not assist me, she said she would connect me to 'an expert'. When I got over to the next gentleman, he immediately said he couldn't assist me and would connect me to the area that could (umm okay? He was supposed to be the 'expert'?). Anyhow, I then waited over 40 mintues to get to a rep who eventually directed me to the MY BEST BUY® MYSTERY REWARDS OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS which was basically a more expanded version of the fine print that was in the email I received. At the same time, I had gotten another rep on Live Chat - same thing - he linked me to the MY BEST BUY® MYSTERY REWARDS OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS. In the end, he basically said I did not qualify for the rewards. OKAY?! But then why did I get the email?! I probably would've been less frustrated had all my time NOT been wasted by people giving me the run around and telling me the same information I already see in my email if someone had said 'This was an error that you received the email because you didn't qualify.' Now by the time someone gets to this message, the redemption period probably would be over by then so again - some more time wasted. I just wanted to vent my frustration at how the customer service reps lacked the knowledge to be able to understand and research the inquiry beyond the information that is in the terms and conditions document. I work in customer service and know how important it is to go above and beyond to resolve a customer's issue - researching further or escalating if needed to an area that would have more information or be more knowledgable about the program being offered. In this case, that did not happen with any of the reps I spoke with or chatted with (five reps altogether). Very disappointed as I expected more from such a reputable company. 

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Re: My Best Buy Mystery Certificate

Greetings, MaryX119, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


First and foremost, if recently received an email with one of our Mystery Certificates, then you are eligible. Let's just get that out of the way.  Why send you an email offering a bonus if you aren't eligible?  That's like when I used to ask my little brother if he wanted to play video games with me only to yell SIKE, and if I'm being honest, I really don't think he enjoyed that very much.  Second, those bonus certificates are tied to a specific rewards account ID and are sent to a specific email address, and if that rewards account ID isn't properly linked to a account with that email address, then you're likely to encounter an error while trying to reveal the value.


That could mean we need to update the email address tied to your rewards account or maybe even just make sure your rewards account is properly linked to your account.  I've also seen instances where a member happened to have more than one rewards account and a merge was needed, but that process is usually pretty easy enough. Please send me a private message with the details listed below, by clicking on the blue button found in my signature, and I'll see what I can do to ensure you are able to utilize the Mystery Certificate.



Phone #
Mailing address

Email address


How to Merge My Best Buy™ Rewards Accounts


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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