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Missing Reward Zone Certificate from Credit Card Promotion

Good Afternoon,


On May 16th, 2022, I received an email promotion for my Best Buy card that offered a $50 reward zone certificate for spending $1500 outside of Best Buy by June 30th, 2022. I completed this and waited four weeks for everything to go through. I finally called, asking where my certificate was. The first conversation I had seemed productive. She said she could see the certificate and gave me the last four numbers of the certificate, but it was not accessible to my account. I was told that I could use the certificate in the store as they would be able to look it up. She also said in 2-3 days, they would email me the certificate.


Guess what? No emailed certificate. I go into a store to use it, and they can't find my certificate either. Not even the store manager can help. I called customer service back, hoping to get the certificate emailed to me so I could shop. Nope, they can't do that. They have to send a case to the back shop investigators, which will take 5-7 days, and I have my first case number. By this time, I am furious. I wasted a trip to the store for nothing. A week goes by, and no news. So I call customer service again with the case number. I found out that the case has been closed with no new information besides the last four digits of the certificate number that still doesn't exist to me or Best Buy stores. I have a new case number, another request to some back shop investigation team, and another 5-7 day wait. This is the worst customer service I have received in years, and I am at the point of canceling my Best Buy credit card and never shopping at Best Buy again. Sending your customer service overseas and not even letting store managers help customers is by far the worst decision Best Buy has made. Please help me get my certificate and save a long-time Best Buy customer. 



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Re: Missing Reward Zone Certificate from Credit Card Promotion

Hi, RMTucker07,


Thank you for joining the Forums and for reaching out to us here!


I hate to hear you have been unable to get this certificate issue resolved, and would be happy to take a look and see what I can do to help here. To better assist, please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: Missing Reward Zone Certificate from Credit Card Promotion

Well everyone, this has remained an utter disaster. After messaging two different reps and having the case escalated two more times, they still deny that I did not meet the promotion requirements. Somehow though, when I first called, they said they could see the certificate and even gave me the last four digits of the reward zone certificate. They told me to call Citi myself and walk through the transactions. I did this and the Citi rep I worked with added everything up, said all the transactions met the requirements, and made notes in the account that said I completed the promotion. When I checked in with Best Buy after calling Citi, they said they couldn't see the notes from the Citi rep and denied me again. It is most upsetting that I have the proof, but they will not let me submit my statements directly from Citi. The statements show all the dates of the purchases and the amounts. It takes a few seconds to add them up and show that I met the promotion requirements. With the poor customer service and not allowing me to submit proof, I will be canceling my Best Buy credit card and never shopping there again. I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. Best Buy does not take care of their long-time customers even when the proof is available.