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Merged accounts still have 2-step enabled, locked out

I recently lost my phone and subsequently locked myself out of my 2-step enabled Best Buy account. Since then, I’ve called multiple times to merge my old account with a newly created account, but each time 2-step was automatically enabled and I’ve never been able to log back in to the newly merged account to view purchases, total tech coverage, use certificates, etc.

I’ve seen a few people here have successfully merged their accounts after being locked out b/c of 2-step and I was hoping this might be a better route than calling customer support again.

Thank you kindly to anyone who can help! Please!!
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Re: Merged accounts still have 2-step enabled, locked out

Hello, HeyitsTrent,


I can understand that the 2 factor authentication can be difficult. I would be glad to help as best I can. If you would please Private Message your phone number, email and full name. We may need to setup another new rewards account with a new e-mail address. Due to the security provided with 2-Step Verification, without your backup codes the only option is to have you set up a new account with a new email address. This option will mean your purchase and point history will no longer be available to view online until you regain access to your account with your back up codes or (phone number/authentication application).




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