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How do I update my My Best Buy™ information?

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How do I update my My Best Buy™ information?



Q:  The information I confirm on the touchpad in store is inaccurate despite me updating the information online. How do I fix this? 
A:  The information you see in store is your My Best Buy information. This is separate from the information associated with your account, although they should ideally match.



Q:  Can I update my information myself online? 
A:  While you may update some of your information online, this will only affect your account, and not your My Best Buy membership, as they are separate.


Q:  I want to update my My Best Buy information. How do I get this updated?
A:  Please feel welcome to send a private message to our MyBestBuy inbox with the below information. 

- Name

- Phone number

- Email address
- Mailing address

- New info (name, phone number, email or mailing address, whatever the case may be including birthday (month/day))


Q:  I need to update the name on my account. Is this possible?
A:  We take name updates very seriously. Instances of misspellings, swapped first and middle names, and legal name changes will be carefully reviewed to see if an update is possible. However, we will not transfer an account to someone else (not even a spouse or other family member) or change a name to an entirely different person. Keep in mind that memberships are intended for individual use, per the program terms.



Q:  I’m not changing my name to transfer my membership. How do I go about this name update? 
A:  You may send us a private message as instructed above. Keep in mind that we may request you supply us with documentation of your legal name.




                                                        Thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member!