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HELP! Account hacked and rewards STOLEN!

Help me!  Someone hacked into my BestBuy account and stole roughly $700 worth of rewards.  I have been given the run around by phone customer service for over 2 hours!  I am an Elite Plus member and looking for answers and rewards restoration.  


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Re: HELP! Account hacked and rewards STOLEN!

Good morning, Michael,


Thank you for taking the time to register for the forum and connect with us.


The thought of someone finding a way to access a personal account of mine, whether I have $700 in points or not, just makes me feel itchy.  I know my passwords are floating around the internet somewhere, and there's a very good chance someone will try to use them, but I try not to think about it.  I did recently receive an email that someone in another country tried to login to my Instagram account, so I had to reset the password.  I'd strongly suggest that you reset your Best Buy password if you haven't done so already.


Another option to consider, if someone did figure out your password, is to setup your accounts with 2-Step Verification. It can provide an extra layer of protection by requiring that an authentication code be entered when logging in, and unless that person also has your mobile phone, they shouldn't be able to login.  I setup my own account, including a couple non-Best Buy accounts, with 2-step as soon as the option was available. I'd like to review your rewards account with you, so I'll be sending you a private message shortly.  You can read a private message by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


Set Up 2-Step Verification - FAQ


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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