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Expired Rewards Certificates

Greetings - I would like to request assistance and/or guidance with regards to the expiration of rewards I obtained during purchasess made for my company which was started up this year. As a result of purchasing a laptop computer and epson printer soon after signing up for Best Buy Credits card, I earned 1x $100 certificate, 1x $30 certificate and 1x $100 certificate based upon my purchases


During the check out process, the sales man and manager explained to me the advantages of having the Best Buy Credit card for this purchase and the incentives totally $230 USD.  I was prepared to use our company AMEX card that would have given me points, but it seemed like a good idea.  I mentioned that in the literature it stated expiration of the certificates which I mentioned would not suit me becaue I was in the process of establishing the company and that further purchased would be made later in the year.  They reiterated that yes there is an expiration date; however when I was ready to make a purchase just mentioned I would like to use my expired certificates and they would be honored, no questions asked.


So clearly ok, perfect, lets proceed!  Well this past weekend I was at my local Best Buy store, same where I made my purchases in NJ and the salesman said it would not be a problem.  But in fact he was unable to get it done.  The manager at the time, not same as prior, said sorry the certificates had expired.  So I explain the above mentioned to him, same as what I had just told the salesman who was ok with it but in the end the manager then started questioning.  What exactly did I purchase, why did both Best Buy employees say that to me, what were the names of both salesman and manager, why did I not bring this to their attention immediately after purchasing.  Sorry but the list of questions make no sense and had I known I was being mislead then I would have asked for their names, etc.  But when a manager of one of the largest and most reliable electronic stores in the country say it would not be a problem, then why would I question.


I left the store yesterday feeling beyond beaten, drained to be honest as starting a company cost money and saving money in the process is critical to the success of any company.  The salesperson apologized the he could not help and suggested I have a look online for this forum.  Has anyone honestly encountered the same as its quite frustrating.

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Re: Expired Rewards Certificates

Good afternoon jrakai and welcome to the forum! 

Comparing the benefits of making a purchase on different credit cards is a great way to get the most bang for your buck! Our Best Buy Credit Card offers some pretty stellar benefits, so I'm glad to hear the option was presented to you when you were purchasing a computer and printer. 

As you saw in the My Best Buy Terms, certificates are typically valid for 60 days unless otherwise noted. Once expired, they cannot be honored or reissued, as you discovered all too late when you recently visited the store. I truly wish I could provide an explanation for why you were advised these would be honored beyond the expiration date without any trouble. I imagine the manager you spoke with was trying to determine who you spoke with when originally making the purchase to provide any further training necessary. 


I understand you were depending on these certificates to assist in starting your company, and that their expiration threw you for a loop. I would be delighted to review your membership further with you to see if there are any setting changes we may make to help prevent this from happening again. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the upper right corner of the page for my message. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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