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Exchanging/Replacing a TV bought with reward certificates


I purchased a Vizio TV (P65Q9-J01) back in november and am able to return it up to 1/16/22.


I have been having issues with the TV where it will periodically become unresponsive (sometimes won't even let me power it off using the button on the TV).  The only way to fix the issue is to unplug the TV for about 10 minutes which gets annoying (otherwise the picture quality is great).

The TV was $999.99 when I bought it and I used $935 in reward certificates (regular - not bonus ones).  So I ended up only paying around $69


I know I can have bestbuy do an exchange where they will deliver a new one and pick up my unit.  My question is, what will happen if the new TV has the same issue..  Will I get a new return window?   And if I do return the replacement TV, will there be any issue getting my reward certificates back..


I know I can also do a return with bestbuy delivering a different TV.  I've considered buying a different brand of TV given the reviews I've since seen about Vizio issues.  I'd likely go with an LG 65" C1 OLED TV which costs around 1900.  I'm fine paying more, but how would this work with my certificates..   Can I do this exchange and apply the 935 in certificates used on the Vizio to the LG?   I'm guessing that I'll have to return the TV, wait the 3 days or so for the certificate to show up in my account, and then buy the new TV..   Not a great solution as I'll likely then need to be without a TV for quite a while.   Can you please let me know if there is a solution if I want to get a different TV?


Thank you

I have elite plus status if that makes any difference in my options

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Re: Exchanging/Replacing a TV bought with reward certificates

Hi there, LFSorder, 


Thank you for getting in contact with us here on our Forums page regarding your consideration to swap out your TV. As someone who frequently relies on their TV's seamless functionality, I can certainly understand wanting a replacement unit. At this time, have you contacted any other support teams and have they provided any insight to your question? 


Additionally, can you please send us a Private Message verifying your full name, email, and phone number? This will allow me to locate your account.


Thank you! 

Duncan|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Exchanging/Replacing a TV bought with reward certificates

No I have not reached out regarding my questions.. At this point, I only have 4 days left in my return window, so I hope you can answer my questions fairly soon..

I'll PM you now with my info.