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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Yep...I'm also an Amazon Prime member so on many things I will get free shipping and many times much better pricing than at Best Buy.


I have been an Elite Plus member for many years...buying computers, audio equipment, and multiple DJI drones. Now I shop for those things elsewhere. 


I don't know if you also heard they are shuttering the Magnolia audio. Very sad as well. I spent over $6k there buying speakers and tuner.


When will companies like Best Buy realize that 20% of their customers represent 80% of their sales. That 20% was Elite and Elite Plus members...Smiley Indifferent


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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

I’m total done with Bestbuy. Cashed out my last reward points and cancelled my bestbuy credit card.
To bestbuy executive who made this brave and crazy decision -> Good luck!
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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Yeah I was just told this by the Best Buy Employee yesterday as they were lying to me about the price of an open box laptop.  After getting called out about lying about reducing price he had the gall to try to sell me Total Tech.  I'm like I already have elite plus why would I want that.  He laughed and informed me they had gotten rid of Elite and now if I wanted my perks I had to pay 200/yr.  I spend nearly 4K a year at best buy and going forward obviously there is no benefit to buying from them over amazon or newegg so I wish them well.


It's like they don't understand where they have a advantage over Amazon and just keep removing those advantages.  I suspect they wlll just be another Circuit City within 10 years.

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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Yeah this is a complete violation of ethics. We all spent money at Best Buy with the understanding that we were paying for more than just the individual products and after fulfilling our end of the deal, Best Buy just up and cancels the deal. What’s even crazier is that they weren’t even giving us something for free- we had to buy things there to get the benefit!

I have a feeling Best Buy is on the way out. What company says “let’s save some money by taking things from our most loyal customers” and stays in business?
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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

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Good Morning, Captainson.


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums. I definitely understand being concerned about the shopper benefits that were previously a part of My Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus, and wanting to learn what current offers Best Buy has. 


My Best Buy members have access to 1% rewards points (0.5 points per $1 spent) on all purchases that are able to be cashed in for rewards certificates. 

Totaltech members have access to a 60 day return window, free installation and delivery, up to 24 months of protection on all purchases, and additional savings. 

Finally, customers with a Best Buy Credit Card have access to point banking and bonus rewards points from purchases (2.5 points per $1 spent).


I will include links to all of our programs below. If you have any additional questions, I'd be happy to answer by just sending us a private message. 


My Best Buy


Best Buy Credit Card 


Kindest regards,

Bobby|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Pretty sure it would have been better if Bobby-BBY didn't respond.  Definite canned answer from Best Buy, sorry not sorry we lied to you, got you to spend money and then pulled the rug out, but hey... We took that as you want to learn more about what a great offer you are now getting.

Oh and to get back to what you had, it now costs $200 a year to get it.

They seem to forget they aren't the only ones selling stuff, and they seem to forget the bad stuff their competitors did, which they are now closed.

I have no interest in paying the $200 a year and now I have no interest in putty Best Buy at the top of my shopping list.  

I'd be curious to see what sales look like over the next few years when the people that would spend the money to keep the benefits stop.  

And your 24 months of protection is a lie....  Once you start clicking in the links, 

"With Totaltech, you’ll get up to 24 months of product protection on most new Best Buy purchases"

Most is not all.

So which one is the lie this time?

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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Good Afternoon, bull_07,


Welcome to our Best Buy Forums. 


First, let me sincerely thank you for your continued business. We did not come to this decision lightly. The My Best Buy program is and will continue to be an important part of our commitment to customers. 


TotalTech provides addition and enhanced benefits beyond what our Elite/Elite Plus memberships covered, including unlimited Geek Squad support and access to a 24/7 VIP service with dedicated phone and chat teams. Many of our customers receive the full value of the membership cost within 1-2 purchases. 


Best Buy TotalTech includes  up to 24 months of product protection on most of the items that Best Buy sells. We use the term "most" as this does not include things such as consumable products like food, batteries, and filters, but it it does include electronic items that we normally offer Geek Squad Protection and Apple Care plans for. I know that I cannot take away your initial concerns about the program changes but I hope that this information can help.


Kind Regards,



Tina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

Yeah, the responses I’ve gotten have only made it worse. They don’t seem to get that we’re trying to tell them “this is going to kill your business.” They’re like “hey, but don’t you want to pay for another service that we might change one you out of nowhere?” No we don’t. You’ve broken trust. But if you hear us and give us back what we paid for, that might show your customers that you’re listening and want to serve us.

Because without elite plus, Best Buy doesn’t hold a candle to Costco. And I can’t be the only one taking thousands of dollars a year in business somewhere else.
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Re: My Elite Plus!!! NO!!!!!

To Bestbuy Specialist,

Please stop avoid the real issue here and STOP selling or justifying the value of Your Total Tech!!

There are many frustrated and disappointment loyal customers that you have lost off due to decision made by your executives!

Again STOP selling or justifying your Total Tech Service!
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Re: Elite & Elite Plus Membership Cancellation

Psh, what's the point? Ever since they cut Apple purchases out of earning Reward Zone points I could never achieve Elite status for the year anyway...