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Didn't receive rewards points ! :-(

I have been a Best Buy customer for 20 years. This past December I purched a 65" LG OLED and other things. I spent around $3500.00 at Best Buy that day. So today (6/9/18) I go to check my reward points because i figured that there should be a lot of points in there. it says I have ONLY154 POINTS, that's not right! So I take my receipts to Best Buy to find out why this is. The first person I talked to said they were expired. So your going to try to tell me that a purchase I made on 12/22/17 has expired points on 1/1/18 ? Idon't think so ! So I ask for the manager and then he precedes to tell me that I don't get points for my purchases because I financed it on my Best Buy card. He said I had or choice of 24 month financing or points. NO ONE ever said a word to me that I wouldn't receive my points, I was only told that if I put it on my Best Buy card I would get 2 years no interest so I took the offer, remind you , not a word about no points because I financed. Now with that said, I have literaly spent 10's of thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the years. My last tv with them was a Samsung flagship model that I paid around around $3,000 for that as well. Another tv for over $1,100 at another time. Not to mention tablets, computers, appliances, game systems, games, and MANY MANY others things over the years. The bottom line is, if BEST BUY doesn't come through with my points, I will cancel my Best Buy cards, I will cut them up and I will no longer do business with them !

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Re: Didn't receive rewards points ! :-(

Greetings robertt1173, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


I have started to brainstorm ideas as to how I might be able to convince my fiancé that we need a new TV.  While I think a 65" TV sounds like the perfect size, I am not sure she will agree with me though.  I just want it to feel like I am at the stadium when football season rolls around.  It will definitely take some careful planning.  I will usually opt for one of the promotional financing offers when using my personal My Best Buy™ credit card to make a larger purchase.  Why not avoid interest payments when you can?


I can imagine the questions that ran through your head after logging into your account and finding that the point balance was a lot less than you had expected.  It turns out the information the store manager provided you is correct.  We do not award points with the use of a promotional financing offer.  A member can select either standard points and points OR promotional financing and zero points.  That aspect of the program has been in place for several years.  It should be clearly stated at each register and on the credit card kiosk during checkout.  While that purchase may not have qualified for points, it did still help you reach Elite Plus status.


With that all having been said, it would appear that your account is up-to-date.  I would like to see if there are any other questions I can help answer about your account or the My Best Buy™ program in general, so I will be sending you a private message shortly.  You can read private messages by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


My Best Buy™ Points and Promotional Financing


Thank you for connecting with us and for being a My Best Buy™ member.

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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