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Dear Bestbuy: Your loyalty program is deceitful and will drive customers away.

I didn't need to scroll far into this forum to find out this is commonly occurring to your new customers who open new Best Buy credit cards and purchase big ticket items. Store representatives will say anything and everything to you to open a store credit card, including an attractive offer to give you 10% back in Best Buy rewards. Wow, $140 in store credit for my $1400 computer is a no brainer! Oh, the credit will not expire, you say? Great, sign me up! I'll use my benefits when I find something I need to buy. 


The point system is as follows: $1 spent at BB=2.5 points. For your first item purchased at BB using the credit card, you get an additional 2.5 points per dollar spent, totaling 5 points per dollar spent. When you rack up 250 points, you get $5 in BB store credit. It all maths out, but what a mouthful… no wonder why its simply marketed as 10% off.


Here’s the scam: Best Buy “reward POINTS” arrive 2 weeks after the purchase and will AUTOMATICALLY be redeemed as "reward CERTIFICATES", which are basically gift cards expiring in 60 DAYS. Thats right: POINTS don't expire, but CERTIFICATES sure do! The notice of your certificates will be buried in the twice-daily spam e-mails that Best Buy sends you. So if you don't diligently open all of your junk mail and know what to look for, your 10% savings has quietly exited the room. No, you won’t get a notification or the certificates in the mail. You will get a message with a barcode camouflaged like one of their junk mails. If you are not a savvy shopper who does her research on the rewards FAQ web page, or read other horror stories on this forum, you are OUT OF LUCK.


I found that out hard way today, 11 months from intial purchase/sign-up, when i needed a new cable modem from Best Buy. Time for payment, the moment I’ve been waiting for! Finally I have something I can use it on! BB sales rep goes: “Oh sorry, your points expired in September 2019, and we don’t re-issue certificates over 6 months expired. You have 249 reward points available on your account, and it will be worth $5 when you get to 250.” That was absolutely infuriating and a gut-punch after I chose to spend $1400 at my local Best Buy. Seriously, WHOEVER TOLD BEST BUY TO REDEEM MY POINTS INTO EXPIRING CERTIFICATES IN THE FIRST PLACE? DON'T YOU THINK I'LL DO THAT WHEN I ACTUALLY WANT TO SPEND IT??


I was on the phone for 2+ hours with your phone support, who were absolutely helpless. They submitted requests to the “expired certificates department”(I can’t believe that’s actually a thing) but were doubtful they could do anything about it either. 24-48 hours from now is the window which they can give me an answer. Trying to redeem my $140 shouldn’t be this cumbersome!


Your business practices are despicable, Best Buy. This rewards policy was designed to take advantage of the shmuck customer who doesn't know any better. I will echo another post on this forum that said this reward policy is as rotten as issuing expired gift cards. It's silly how your credit card was intended to be a loyalty program, yet can so easily drive a customer away. 



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Re: Dear Bestbuy: Your loyalty program is deceitful and will drive customers away.

My issue has been resolved. My reward certificates have been returned to me today when I checked my account. Thank you. But please consider changing your stupid policy Best Buy. It will surely save your potential customers the headache! 

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Re: Dear Bestbuy: Your loyalty program is deceitful and will drive customers away.

Hello, MomoTheDog, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out to share your experience with your My Best Buy Credit Card! Signing up to receive 10% back in rewards on your first day of purchases if choosing standard financing is a great option, so I'm glad you chose to apply when it was offered to you. 


As you have discovered, under our My Best Buy Terms, points may not expire on an active membership, but may be converted to a reward certificate which is generally valid for 60 days. We do our best to notify our customers via email that a reward has been issued, which also includes the expiration date, but as you mentioned, these can be easily missed. For that reason, we also recommend customers manage their rewards from For more details, you may wish to review the post below if you haven't already. 


Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ


With that said, I'm glad to hear that after reaching out to our other support teams you were able to receive a resolution. Should you need any further assistance, please let me know. 


Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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