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Surprise Apple point exclusion

As an example of how to Create bad will with your customers, bb changed the terms for Apple points. It would have been nice to know this new restriction when I purchased my new iMac and iPad 10 days ago. Over 4K points lost. 

salesperson didn't say anything during the purchase. No surprise there, he probably was never informed.


i suspect this is a cost savings, anticustomer move. 

the platitudes expressed on this forum in other threads acknowledge the bad will and respond in a hilariously out of touch manner. "I hope you give us another chance to delight you" lol, like how? 

bestbuy should undo this mess.  I'll be returning my Apple products. I'm not interested in giving bb another chance to delight me. 

bestbuy reward zone support was unaware of the change and told me my points would appear yesterday. When they didn't I called in again and found out about this.  The supervisor told me if I wasn't happy, I should just return the Apple items.  Sounds like he's empowered to make customers happy, lol, not. 

what an epic failure made by a company who's leaders obviously feel we have no substitutes for their stores. Looks like they are out of touch with their customers. 


news flash bb spokes person, if I wanted to use my bb credit card, I would have. Asking me to return and rebuy using it is insulting, like I have nothing better to do. 

get a grip bb. 

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Re: Surprise Apple point exclusion

Hello there! 


Thank you for connecting with us to share your recent experiences purchasing Apple devices. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro myself, and have been absolutely loving it! Apple products are definitely fantastic machines, so I'm sure you've been enjoying your devices as well. 

With that said, I understand that you may have been caught by surprise to find that points are no longer awarded for Apple purchases, unless paying with standard financing on a My Best Buy Credit Card. This allows us to offer our My Best Buy members great pricing offers up front, rather than receiving points for certificates that offer savings later. 


We greatly appreciate you sharing your experience as well as your feedback surrounding this change. As I've mentioned previously, you can check out our post here or our My Best Buy Terms. You may also share suggestions or ideas via IdeaX



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No reward points for Apple purchases

I just checked my account and found out about the exclusion for Apple purchases. I have to say that this is a very bad change regardless how you sugarcoat it with words about better My Best Buy pricing. I guess this probably the last year I will spend more than 3.5K to be an Elite Plus member. Also, I don't understand why the mods locked another thread regarding the exclusions. It seems like Best Buy doesn't care about customers' feedbacks. Truly Best Buy always inspires to be Worst Buy every year.

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Do apple and digital purchases count towards elite?

I know that I don’t get points for apple products but I’m curious do they still count towards my 1,500 total for the year? Also do digital products like Xbox gift cards count? Thank you.
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Re: No reward points for Apple purchases

Thanks for reaching out on our forums, dragonkid!


I know that I love my Apple products, so the special pricing our customers receive through their My Best Buy account is so great.


Even though our terms for the program changed on October 21, 2019, that doesn't mean you can't receive points on these purchases!


You can still get points on these products by using your My Best Buy Credit Card and choosing the standard credit option.



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Reward zone customer support phone call

I just got off the phone with Best Buy reward zone support and they told me not only do you have to purchase an Apple product using a Best Buy credit card to get points but that you also have to pay off that purchase within 30 days or no points will be issued. 

does anybody know if this is accurate?

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Re: Do apple and digital purchases count towards elite?

Hey there, Sammiekat,


Thank you for stopping by out community forums. Being a My Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus member offers some great benefits and I would be glad to help clarify on how to get there. If Apple products are purchased with eligible forms of payment then they will count towards your annual spending total. These purchase also count towards your spending total even if you select promotional financing when paying with a My Best Buy credit card. Keep in mind that purchases using gift cards as payment will not gain points or count towards your spending total. Along with Apple products, digital purchases will count towards your spending total as well as accrue points.


While the My Best Buy Program Rules have recently changed there is still away to gain points on Apple purchases. These must be purchased with a My Best Buy credit card and standard financing must be used. We have some more details about the My Best Buy program here. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have more questions!

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Just a head's up, BB no longer giving points for Apple purchases

My company regularly buys from Best Buy ($13,000 this year, for example) but this will be the last, as the rewards policy has changed such that Best Buy is no longer offering points on Apple purchases thereby eliminating the drive to buy from the store. I realize that we could get a Best Buy credit card, but like every other business in the free world we use American Express Corporate, so that's not an option.


I wish I would have known all this before buying another $1,000 iPad and accessories and then standing around at the online order pickup booth for an hour yesterday. I'd have been happy to just by from Amazon or Apple directly, which is what my company will be doing going forward.


So Best Buy, thank you for 10 years of a great business relationship - I'm sorry to see it end.

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Apple and No Points

I spent over 50,000 dollars last year and Best Buy is going to be taking a back seat in terms of my priority of purchasing since this change with Apple products.  It was not only shortsigted but a dumb move on your part.  I now have a 5 MacBook Pro order that will be processed shortly and it will not be going to be Best Buy because of your rediculous change in your policy.  Actually, since the subsidiary that I source for is mostly Apple based, the purchases will be cut down dramatically for this year.  Oh well, there are other vendors that will glady take this purchase.

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Bestbuy Points and Apple

It seems the thread I was reading was locked so I am posting this here. I just created a forum account to post specifically about this.


No one was notified that best buy points would be invalid or ineligible for apple products unless they went to read the entire terms of service. I only found out after I went to check to see if my points were applied after my $1300 apple purchase. No, no, no they were not because best buy neglected to inform customers of a critical and important change to best buy point eligibility at time of purchase or even directly beforehand. 


In the previous thread, multiple best buy employee replies stated that the change is due to special upfront apple product pricing. So I am curious because I just went to to compare their price versus what I spent on each item. It turns out the price I paid at best buy is equal to the price on Which means I actually didn't save anything at all.


The only reason I made the purchase on black friday and at best buy was because I thought I would be saving something significant. In reality it turns out I paid full price with no savings or discounts.


So while I have products that I love, I was cheated by best buy and the foolish notion of black friday savings. 


Shame on best buy for your ingenious way to make more money at the cost of cheating and fooling people, and also losing another best buy customer for life. This is why retailers ate going out of business, because they don't know how to actually keep their customers.


And please save the nonsensical reply or careless platitudes. If you do respond I want a meaningful and legitimate answer as to how we are getting special elite member pricing and what that actually means, what are we actually saving if anything...