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No Apple reward points? Why do I shop here?

I just bought a new iPad on 11/28, specifically from Best Buy because I'm an Elite Plus member. Amazon was having the exact same deal on the new 7th gen iPad, but I bought it from Best Buy for two reasons: 1. to get my reward points, & 2. because I had a few hundred dollars to go to keep my Elite Plus staus for the next year. Fast forward to me trying to figure out why my points aren't showing up and I discover Best Buy no longer gives points for Apple products?!?! This is bogus. This is a kick in the face to loyal customers. When did Best Buy inform Rewards members of this change? Because I don't remember ever hearing about it.


The fact that Best Buy only offers points for Apple products if bought from a Best Buy credit card is also bogus – it's quid pro quo is what it is. I don't need another credit card, and the fact that Best Buy is withholding points from me because I won't apply for your credit card is devious business behavior. 


I have been a Rewards member for years, but now I wonder why I should shop from Best Buy at all. I could have bought my iPad from Amazon for the exact discounted price, but I didn't because I'm a loyal Best Buy customer, and I thought I would be REWARDED for my choice in purchasing from Best Buy. I don't see why I shouldn't return the ipad and get refunded, and then buy it from Amazon – and I'm no fan of the growing Amazon monoply, so Best Buy, listen up – you are losing customers with this policy. 

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Re: No Apple reward points? Why do I shop here?

Hello, mtclemons, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for connecting with us regarding your experience purchasing an iPad this holiday season! I know how exciting it is to make such a purchase, as I actually just bought a new MacBook Pro. I'm sure you were eager to enjoy this purchase, but were surprised to find My Best Buy points would not be awarded as you expected, which I understand played an important role in your purchasing decision. 

I can say that I personally received an email regarding this change on Oct. 20, and our My Best Buy Terms which are subject to change, may always be viewed on It sounds like you have since familiarized yourself with the changes, and are aware that you may still receive points when paying with our My Best Buy Credit Card using standard financing and that the purchase should still count towards your My Best Buy tier status. 


We greatly appreciate your feedback regarding these changes. You may also share ideas or suggestions via IdeaX



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Re: Did not receive any points

Same issue here. I found out about no points for Apple products the hard way. We just bought a 16" MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. No points = no good. I'll be returning these two and going to Target to make my purchases. Best Buy was my go to for all tech products. Now I'll have to u go o elsewhere with my money.

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Re: Did not receive any points

Hi there, BenedictN.Corpuz,


Welcome back to our Best Buy forum community! That said, I wish you were reaching out with happier news, as it was never our intention for this change to upset you.


While I wish that you felt differently, we value you taking the time to share this feedback with us, as we're always striving to provide the best customer experience possible, and will take this feedback under consideration going forward.


If you change your mind and decide to give us another chance, we're always here to help!







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30k in Apple purchases two weeks ago and not one employee knew about no reward points

Every year I buy presents for my office and I always try to use Best Buy.

Two weeks ago I bought well over 30k worth of Apple goods and just found out there are not any reward points on them!

You’ve got to be kidding me Best Buy. Not one of your employees knew about this new policy when I bought everything. In fact all of them were commenting on how big my reward check was going to be after all the purchase. I bought so much stuff I had to have multiple cashiers help on multiple days.

If I’m going to spend that kind of money every year at Best Buy and not get any rewards for it like I used to then what’s the point. Like many others I’m forced to use a corporate card, so no I can’t do a Best Buy credit card - that just doesn’t work for the business world.

I love my local store and the employees are great but I’m afraid your new policy is forcing me to shop somewhere else where I will get rewarded.

Looks like your loosing one big loyalist over a really dumb policy change.

I hope you will correct this error in judgement on your side and right the people that deserve rewards. Looks like I’m not the only one upset about this new change based off the chatting on here and many other sites.
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No points for Apple products—time for everyone to show Best Buy what they think.

I have read a lot of posts on here and on the internet. Just bought my wife a new iPhone 11pro for FULL price with AppleCare at Best Buy. They assured me I would redeem points at the store. Lie.

A Best Buy customer for 20+ years with at least $40,000.00 worth of purchases. Tomorrow: never again.

How dare you and how arrogant of you to think you can manipulate people into getting your credit card leveraging the MOST available brand on the planet! Whatever clown came up with triangles needs to be fired because you have people leaving you INSTANTLY in droves.

We went to you because of the points and the respect you had for us as loyal in Store customers. By the way you state it’s so you can offer elite members great deals. You offered me NOTHiNG but rack rate.

1. You are easily replaced by amazon, Walmart, and target at the CLICK of a mouse(done effective tomorrow). Yes it’s THAT easy.
2. You don’t come close to offering the value my Chase Sapphire Reserve, Amex platinum, and United Club cards offer. Don’t even try and compete and think you can hold apple(of all companies) over anyone’s head. Seriously I am laughing right now.
3. I work for very large organization and effective next week I will be releasing a statement to 50,000 employees to not go to Best Buy for anything ever again stating they force you to get their credit card to earn their points.

You need to think seriously about what you are doing here. There is NO sound logic to your approach and the results will be catastrophic. It only takes one corporate dummy to believe in one dumb strategy to bring and organization to its needs. Hostess, Mervyns, Blockbuster, Sears..yes you are held in the same regard with such a bonehead maneuver.

There is nothing you can reply with to not move forward with my intentions. Don’t apologize—I will only laugh. Don’t say it’s for us, it’s not—it never is.

You will go down in the bowels of retail history on the best strategy to alienate your most loyal customers and flush a company down the drain.

Force people to get our credit card if they want points when buying Apple products. Seriously? Really? Some one bought and sold that pile of dump to you guys. I wouldn’t trust you with my dirty socks at this point let alone my money.

You’re fired
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No rewards points for Apple purchases???

Disappointed in Best Buy... First, would not price match a major online competitior over a $70 difference on a new Mac desktop...


After doing some math, decided that I would still purchase from Best Buy, since I would get my reward points. Logged in this week, and discovered that NO POINTS FOR APPLE PRODUCTS!


Store associate even mentioned that I would get points to help sway my purchase to buy from them. The APPLE EXCLUSION FOR BEST BUY POINTS IS HORRIBLE. This has been one of the few reasons from keeping me from making my purchases on Amazon, etc. You've lost yet another customer to this bad decision. 


Best Buy, I don't want another credit card.  So please don't reply with that line on other threads that you have also locked due to many of your customers complaints.


Please explain why this change was made, and what Best Buy plans to do to keep or get back these customers that you have lost?



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Re: No rewards points for Apple purchases???

Good afternoon, jayres,


Please take a moment to read over our prior responses in this thread, as well as the Program Terms found on  I have provided a link to the terms below.  An email was also sent to members back when the changes went into place. The terms were updated back in October stating that the purchase of Apple products would no longer qualify for points unless applied to a My Best Buy™ store or Visa credit card with standard financing.  An Apple related purchase made with a personal credit/debit card or cash should still count towards qualifying for Elite and Elite Plus status.  Additional feedback or suggestions/ideas can be posted here.


My Best Buy™ - Program Terms


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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No Rewards Points for Apple Products

Well this was quite disappointing.  I know I am a bit late to the game, but I spent a significant amount on Apple products on Black Friday (after having to fight crowds because Best Buy kept cancelling my online orders) expecting to receive the Best Buy rewards points.  The expectation of receiving these points was a significant factor in deciding to purchase the products at Best Buy.  This is very disappointing policy change, and while I am sure Best Buy sent a courtesy email (with very fine print among a litany of other Best Buy promotional emails), it was not clearly communicated in advance of or at the time of my purchase.  I even asked to confirm that my purchases would be logged on my account to ensure that I got the credits.  Going forward with this policy change, I don't see a signficant reason to purchase Apple products from Best Buy.  Other retailers offer similar price discounts to Best Buy from time to time.  I will give those retailers more consideration in the future, since Best Buy no longer provides the rewards incentives on these products. 

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Reward Program is a joke (And I'm not laughing!)

I bought a Apple Macbook Air and a $70 case last July. I just bought another Macbook Air and another $70 case, Boise wireless headphones and a laptop bag for my husband that was $40. Between those to transactions equalling well over $2,400.00, I only received a total of 223 points. Not even enough for a $5 certifacate. Thanks Best Buy. I originally went to Best Buy for the student deals and points, but after this I will be going directly to the Apple store. There is no reason to have a rewards program if it is not actually rewarding your customers. Big Fail!


Please, I would love for you to respond to this message with a canned rehearsed response like all the other messages. It will sincerley make my day.