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Re: Constantly resetting password and not working please help

Adding to my above note, today I went to log in on the app > had to change password. Then tried to immediately log into the website with same password and was told it was incorrect. Went to a different page in the app > got forced to sign in again > app pushes me directly into password reset flow again.

So now I literally can't log into Best Buy without a password reset every. single. time.
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Re: Constantly resetting password and not working please help

Their page is full of bugs. It isn't just the password reset that has been around for years now but this also becomes an issue even once you sign in. There are weird redirects for when you click links on the page such as 'edit auto pay'. I am used to resetting the password every time now but even this time once I was in I clicked edit auto pay and it sends me back to the reset password screen haha. Jesus. The problem is trying to reproduce these errors on their end. Someone needs to go through and test this site. I think maybe they just keep putting this on the back burner and can not figure out the problem. I imagine it has something to do with security and someone just brutally messed up some code that was meant to prevent security risks. Just a guess. I honestly have never seen a site this bad in terms of programming from such a large company. It is insane. The customer service is typically regular joes just reading from a script. I think maybe this information is rarely reitterated to the developers. It just goes to show these companies need better people and need better ways of reporting bugs.