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Completely Frustrated with Trying to get Reward

I have been a rewards member since they launched the program and am completely frustrated.

Over the years, I have bought literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of products with Best Buy.

I recently accepted an offer that they offered for 5%  back for purchases at Wholesale clubs (specifically mentioned Sam's Club in the email )for using my Best Buy card.

The next day, I made a large purchase as Sam's club that was intended to pay me $75 in rewards. this was in the beginning of January.

Not long after that I saw that I was award $20 in credits (for which I had previousl points accumulated).

I called to enquire about the 5% and after spending a long time on hold, was finally told that the $20 was for a purchase and the the $75 would be issued in 3-4 weeks. 

I then called in mid february as was told that the rewards would be issued within 48 hours.

I called early last week and was then told that the reward takes up to 15 days to be processed, not 48 hours.  I specifically asked if that was from that date or February 17 (when I had called previously) and he said that it was 15 days from February 17.  Today is 15 days past that date.

At this point, I have spent more time on hold and re-iterating all the details and prevous contact than the rewards are worth. My best effort is that I have spent more than 5 hours on hold, waiting for repsonse while CSRs were conferring with coworkers, not to mention the frustration of dropped chats and starting all over.

I truly hope this isn't what the future of trying to communicate wtih Best Buy is going to be. I get the idea of (pseudo) AI to screen the communications, but I generally find it impossible to actually talk with someone.

If BB Is not going to honor the offers they make, just say so and I will go on my way.  This one situation has lost 25 years of customer loyalty.

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Re: Completely Frustrated with Trying to get Reward

Hey there, bear-nm.


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. When I am supposed to get an offer for rewards, I expect it to be honored, so I understand your frustration. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, so I can look into this for you?


Also, just a heads up that as of March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available, for future support you can reach out to us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can also visit us at for assistance.



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As of March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available. For future support, you can reach out to us on Social Media or