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Complaint to corporate for manger Adlofo actions

On May 12th, 2020 I purchased a MacBook pro (MVVK2LL/A) from best buy store #565 (6600 22ND AVENUE N SAINT PETERSBURG, FL 33710)


during check the sales repressive sold me a credit card for 5% cash back on today’s transaction. Which was perfect made my ear perk up! so I filled out the information for the card no big deal. 


About 5 business days go I receive my Citi best buy cad in the mail. I log in to make the account and pay the remaining nine hundred and some change. didn’t see any rewards at the time so I thought I had to pay the balance. I scheduled a full balance payment from my chase account to be taken out as soon as possible. 


about a week later I log back into my Citi best buy card again, because I saw that the payment for the full balance was processed. still no 5% cash back in rewards like the store represented stated when making my purchase. I only had a $5 certificate for being an elite member. that was it.


called 1800-bestbuy representative the rewards department advised me that 18 months finance no interest was the program that the card opened with. I was so confused because that’s not what I wanted; I didn’t need the financing program I had fund to buy it I just want the 5% cash back. rewards rep called another department and still wasn’t able to find a solution, so he advised me to go back to the store which I did. 


next day I walk in to store #565 straight to the customer service counter. store rep asked she could help me explained to her that when I purchased this laptop, I was told I’d have 5% cash for rewards. she looked my home printed receipt and said sir it says the 18-month financing program. and I tried explaining that it was wrong that not what I wanted. and that the sales rep from May 12th sold me the credit card for the 5% cash back. then it continued to us going back in forth after she pulled out the Citi best buy brochure. I stated yes, I understand OR, I just wanted the 5% cash back. not the financing program. cut her off and requested a manger. 


manger aldofo came to the front, after the customer service rep had to call for a manger more than 3 times. so, he was most likely in the middle of something already. and he had a geek squad uniform. so, I thought to myself the he wasn’t really a best buy manger. 

Aldofo looked at the receipt and said the something I heard from the customer service represented. that I choose the financing program and that it was my fault. I tried explaining to aldofo the card has a $0 balance I didn’t need the financing program I just wanted the rewards. like the sales representative from May 12th sold me on. aldofo stated that there was nothing he can do for me. and that it was strictly my fault because I chose that option the card swiper. and I explained sir the rep walked me thought it and pretty much did all for me I just entered my ss #. so, I asked if could call 1800-bestbuy because they informed that the store would be able to help me put. and as I was calling the number, I see aldofo walk up to his other employees that and start taking about I was trying find a solution to. and the real reason for that is because store representative was looking at me as he was talking to them. so instead of getting more embarrassed than i already was.  I just request his name with exact spelling and stated I’d be reach out corporate regarding this issue. 



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Re: Complaint to corporate for manger Adlofo actions

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Re: Complaint to corporate for manger Adlofo actions

You literally do have to manually choose an option on the pin pad at check out. Not sure there is much that they can do for you other then return it and repurchase the item. If your elite status you should still be in your return period.
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Re: Complaint to corporate for manger Adlofo actions

the store manger wasnt willing to return product and to redo it. i dont think should be my fault the computers sales repersentive, walked me thought the whole thing. (otherwise did it for me) really like if best buy corporate would hlep me out not. 

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Re: Complaint to corporate for manger Adlofo actions

Good afternoon, connor2050, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out regarding your experience signing up for our My Best Buy Credit Card! This is a great option to purchase a MacBook Pro with, and was my first purchase with my own My Best Buy Credit Card as well. The credit card offers some great benefits, from the financing offers to rewards.  


With that said, I understand that 18-month financing may have been chosen instead of rewards. As has been mentioned here, this is typically selected by the customer via the pin pad, though I understand the associate may have walked you through this. We do our best to make sure it is quite clear it is either financing or rewards, as outlined on our Credit Cards page and within our My Best Buy Terms, which advise points are not awarded for financed purchases.   


Generally speaking, the only way to modify the financing option chosen is to reprocess the purchase. I apologize if the aforementioned information wasn't relayed in a more respectful manner, and if no offer to reprocess the purchase was made by Adolfo. I would be delighted to take a look at this and see what options we may have for you. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message.   



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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