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Cash Discount vs Reward Points

As background, my age is 68 and I am fully retired from two professions.  I recently replaced my four 'TV's with Roku Smart TV's.  Initially, I had located suitable models at BestBuy, Amazon, and Costco.  I elected to bundled all of my purchases with BestBuy instead after I understood I would receive  a 10% discount on my initial purchase if I obtain and used a BestBuy credit card.  This belief influenced my decision.  While researching how the discount would be received, I learned it was 10% rewards instead.


I went to BestBuy on one day and researched my purchases, further examined them on your website at home, and returned a separate day for the purchases.  I noticed this misconception dates back to at least 2017.  Yet, it still persists!  This is an example of a poor business with integrity.  There is light and darkness, but my perception is you prefer the shadows.  That area criminals lurk.  My situation is done.  The lemonade is my in home system exceeds satisfaction.  My goal is to advocate prevention for those future customers.  May I suggest strong verbiage that this is not a cash discount.  Again, strong verbiage this is NOT  a cash discount.  It should be like the commercial, even a cave man can get it.


I will close with two experiences.  I located a hybrid water heater at Home Depot is St Augustine.  Upon arrival, the only one was on the floor.  The manager gave me a 25% discount and a $25 gift card.  I am a customer for life.  Conversely, I have not returned to Lowes after an incident that they responded poorly.  I feel I was deceived and I was once told in business, perception is reality.  

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Re: Cash Discount vs Reward Points

Hello MR1835, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for connecting with us regarding our Best Buy Credit Card. It's a great card that offers some spectacular benefits, such as receiving more rewards and special offers. Using it on a purchase of four new TVs would be pretty lucrative in reward points, especially if it was your first day of purchases! With that said, I'm sorry to hear you may have understood the first day of purchases receives 10% off the purchase. We do our best to make sure it is quite clear that it would be 10% back in rewards, or financing, as outlined on our Credit Cards page. We do occasionally offer a 10% off a single item coupon, which may be where the confusion stemmed from. 


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us to share your thoughts and feedback on this. I hope that this experience does not deter you from shopping with us again in the future, and hope you return to us soon! If you should have any questions, please let me know. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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