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Can’t receive Best Buy Emails

Hello, I’ve ordered a few products in the past as a guest and recently registered and put in an order on the site.
I haven’t been receiving confirmation or shipping emails on my previous orders and still have not now that I signed up for an account and password. I have checked my spam folder and there is nothing there either. Is there something on Best Buy’s end that is keeping emails from being sent?
Best Buy seems to be the only retailer that I don’t receive emails from. I also cannot confirm my account since I don’t receive that email either.
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Re: Can’t receive Best Buy Emails

Hi, paulmeisterpk,


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Forum! I order almost all of my stuff online, so I understand looking for some help here. Order confirmation emails are an important way to keep up to speed on the status of your purchase, and I too would be bringing this to attention.


Let’s take a closer look into this. To start, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email and order numbers.

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