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BestBuy refuses to issue refund for a return on item purchased with a reward certificate

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I read somewhere I should post to here about my rewards certificate issue.  So I did as below - a private message to someone (dunno who).


Thought to post here also - reworded a bit as my anger has decreased slightly.


I received a reward certificate for $30 based on spending a specified amount on my BB credit card.

Used it on 09/02/2020 for two items.  First item used $18.39, second item used $11.61.  Spend 0.40 of my money.


Decided I didn't really need the second item so returned it to store in Boynton Beach, FL.  Before returning asked cust service person (Chrissy) if I would get the 11.61 back in rewards.  She asked someone else in store, and also called some support center on phone.  All said yes, it would be refunded.  I told them I would be dumb to return it if I don't

get it back.  They assured me, yes it would be returned.


I even called a toll-free no. to confirm a few days later.  Yes again, it will be refunded.


Patience wore thin on 9/21 Monday.  Did a chat with BestBuy - Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}, and then Tony {removed per forum guidelines}(a supervisor).


Chrissy at store had said come back if an issue with refund.  Unfortunately, every time I call to see if she is working that day, I can never get thru to a real person.


I am a bit angry - enuf to swear off BB forever and rip up credit card for spite.  

Not the money, I can afford to lose $11.61 because of my stupidity at returning the item and trusting BB to refund as they say.


If BB reps are monitoring these threads, perhaps they can intervene somehow.

Oh yeah, I look here and it clearly states this a return will reissue points.


If I return an item where reward certificates were used, do I get them back?

Yes. If you made a purchase using reward certificates and your order is returned or canceled, we will refund the points to your My Best Buy account within 3–6 business days.


Maybe I must wait another few days, but I just don't trust them anymore.





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Re: BestBuy refuses to issue refund for a return on item purchased with a reward certificate

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Good afternoon, j1mw3b, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


Our members should get second opportunity to utilize the points that were converted into an everyday certificate if the purchase/order the certificate was applied to ended up getting returned or cancelled.  I'd certainly hate to lose out on the chance to fully utilize points I had been awarded.  It can generally take up to three days for a certificates point value to repost to a member's reward account following a return or cancellation.


As you mentioned, the $30 certificate you redeemed was awarded as a bonus from a promotional offer for using your My Best Buy Visa card outside of Best Buy.  A bonus certificate is considered more of a one-time use coupon, which wouldn't have a point value.  There weren't any points deducted from your rewards account to create the certificate, so there aren't any points to repost to your rewards account following a return.


I'd like to take a closer look at your rewards account just to make sure it's up-to-date and to help answer any other rewards program-related questions you may have, so I'll be replying to the private message you sent shortly.  You can read a private message by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


Return or Cancellation - Where is my reward certificate?


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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