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Best Buy Policy changes to drive away customers

Let me start off by saying that this is not directed at any moderator or the day to day employees at bestbuy, this is strictly under the (very small) hope that it is read by corporate.


I have been a loyal bestbuy customer for many, many, many years. For at least the last 15 I had been whatever the top tier of the rewards program has been (plus, elite, silver, various names) and I have both the Visa (originally Mastercard) and what started as the in-store only card.  I can't count the amount of money I've spent there and my walls are lined with movies, games, tvs, players, and gaming systems that were purchased there.


But the changes made this year have been the most pathetic way to treat customers I have ever seen, and if not for personally knowing a rep at my local store, I have basically no desire to shop with BestBuy any further.


It was one thing to end the reward program to try and push totalTech membership (which is way too cost prohibitive), and I can even easily see why GamersClub ended, but every related decision has been to do nothing but show they do not value their customers and are no longer competetive as a retailer.  Members who had already earned status could have been grandfathered in but weren't, just lost our status in the snap of a finger.  Along with it free shipping (when at least the stores in my area have a minute fraction of the selection they used to), shortened periods for the certificates to be good, and one that I refuse to believe saved enough to offset the treatment of customers, making the shortest return period of any major retailer. 


Even tonight, the options for service have shown that their customers don't matter any longer.  I had purchased a bluray where prominently displayed on the page it shows Bluray + digital, only it didn't arrive with a digital copy.  Upon opening, there was no digital copy (which in this case was a big reason for the purchase, along with needing something so I could have a $35 order and not have to pay for shipping as the items I *did* really want were not available in my under stocked store and thus, in most cases, not available for store pickup either).  


This led to a chat where the agent could not assist me other to ask me to call the phone team who "our associate will help you issue the code for you. and our associate will help you issue with the code.



Best Buy will never disappoint you and we will never run out of options for you. We take full ownership of it, no matter what."  A great sentiment, but breaking the call center/CS rule of under promise, over deliver. I immediately got on the phone and dialed in, spending the next hour discussing with support my issue and what I'd been told.  So, in this issue not of my making, he first tried to say it was out of the return period (but is still good until the 14th), and that the system wouldn't let him.  After pointing out it can still be returned, he did his best and contacted the digital team, who could not help me as any code should have been in the box (which I knew). Then I was told since it's past the window of return, that means nothing can be done, to which I reminded that it is still fully in the support window.


I even suggested an alternate solution so that I can purchase my own digital copy, but the only refund they are allowed to offer, after spending 90 minutes of MY time), is 10%, which is less than $1 and more insulting than anything. So the solution the agent has is for me to return it, and since the price is the same, go ahead and order it again. Fan-tastic, as now I am authorized to spend the gas to return my defective copy, AND an additional $5 to the price I already paid to have it shipped, in the hopes that this time the issue won't be missing and cause me to have to spend my time, gas, and money to return it again.   Totally worth it! Not disappointing me or running out of options at all.


Frankly I don't even like to look at the site after the treatment that has occurred in this past year.  The only reason I do is because of the points being earned by my cards that are open (including a yearly charge on the one) as to close them and replace them would hurt my credit due to the age of the accounts.  Yet even this is becoming more and more realistic that it is way more worth it to take a major credit hit to get a card that gives me some usable rewards than to continue supporting a business that no longer gives a rip about it's customers (at least not any loyal ones).


This used to be where almost exclusively all my (non-essentials) spending was done. Now I only order if a cert is about to expire as I'm not going to let them rob me of that as well.



I used to lament the fall from grace that it has gone through, but now there is no brand loyalty and nothing but ill feelings towards doing business here. From getting all my disposable income, it is now my last choice and carries regret when I do have to.  And just the way it was handled before, even if changes were made, I wouldn't trust that they would stay and it wouldn't replace the image damage done.

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Re: Best Buy Policy changes to drive away customers

Welcome back to the Best Buy Forums!


Hi sioux1337. Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums and letting us know about your experience. We appreciate you being a loyal customer and understand your frustration with the experiences you've had and with us no longer having the programs that you like. We appreciate your feedback regarding the changes that have been made and this will be documented here at the Corporate Campus.


As it relates to your rewards expiring, please keep in mind that you should have the option to select your certificate preferences. You can do so by selecting the rewards option under the membership tap in your account. Where it shows you your Member ID it will also show you at what amount your rewards are issued, with the option to change it. Once 'change' is selected it will take you to the screen to update when you would like points to be issued, $5 up to $500. This will ensure that your rewards are not issued too soon and gives you more time to accumulate points. If you do not want the system to auto-issue rewards for you, at the very top, there should be the option to select point banking. In this case you can allow the points to bank until you are ready to issue them yourself and use them.


I know going into the store each time is not always convenience for everyone, so when this is not possible, I would recommend mailing those returns in. Once requested a return label will be emailed to you and this can be used to ship back the item. I understand the item missing the code you wanted was a big concern and these are generally added to the package before it gets sent to us. I'm unsure what would cause the code to be missing and I will ensure that this feedback is documented as well. 


It's truly unfortunate that you've had a negative experience with us, and is never what we expect to hear. Again, we appreciate you leaving your feedback here and if you need any future assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us or send a private message.



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