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Best Buy Gift Card Fraud Complaint

In the world we live in nowadays, I am fully aware that fraudulent activity is going to exist and that we as consumers should do our best to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. The decision we make to do business with a particular company over another is not a decision that is made because some companies have fraudulent activity and other companies do not. It’s not that simple. The decision is one that is made with the understanding that fraud exists, it’s out there, but we are supposed to find peace in knowing that the companies we do business with will be there to support its customers in the unfortunate circumstance that we happen to become a victim of fraud.

With that said, I now know that Best Buy DOES NOT support their customers who are victims of fraud. It’s so sad and incredibly frustrating to have a company as massive and well-known as Best Buy treat me so poorly.

I did an iPhone X trade-in at a Best Buy near my home in Texas and I was given a gift card to use in stores and online. The funds from my card were fraudulently accessed and used online somewhere in Florida. After I realized the funds were gone, I immediately called the Best Buy customer support phone number on the back of the gift card, sat on hold and spent roughly 30 minutes just trying to reach someone for help, only to get a messaging system that said that phone number was no longer in service and that I needed to call 1-888-BEST-BUY. I did what the message said and I finally got an individual who provided me with customer service so awful that I felt like I was being humiliated for being in the whole situation in the first place. The person I spoke to pulled up the card order history and was able to see and verify that the card was used in Florida. They were even able to see that the card was used to purchase an item that was actually out of stock, which actually seemed reassuring at first because I was led to believe it was an obvious fraud attempt and that I would be given options for how to get my money refunded somehow. Sadly, that’s not what happened at all. I got put on hold 3 or 4 separate times, being told to wait while they looked into it. Then, after about 20 minutes or so of listening to the Best Buy representative literally detail the entire fraudulent transaction to me, I was told there was nothing they could do and that I needed to contact local law enforcement. I felt like a door was slammed shut in my face, literally the polar opposite of what I expected from Best Buy.

No solutions, no help, no compassion, NOTHING. That’s all I received from Best Buy. I was speechless after I got off the phone and to be honest, I’m still without words. It’s appalling that Best Buy could be okay with treating another human being the way I was treated during this ordeal.

I’m not expecting a positive outcome with this, but I’m trying to remain optimistic. Please, if I could have someone contact me, I would be beyond appreciative. I was blatantly scammed out of over $300 and the worst part about it really isn’t even the money, it’s the way I was so casually dismissed and mistreated by Best Buy, a company I used to love and have so much respect and admiration for.