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Best Buy Credit Card - Payment Method



After several hours of being on call with Best Buy, talking to people in-store, chatting to a live agent, I've finally decided to post this complaint here. I have no other option (say an e-mail) to send a formal complaint and I definitely want this fixed.


I planned to get the LG CX 55" TV on Best The website showed me the Best Buy Credit Card rewards program and decided to get the card. The only reason I got the card was to get the cashback/rewards. The order went fine with the card after talking to Citi and removing a hold. The next day, I returned the TV and decided to get the 77". While ordering the 77", I wasn't able to use the Best Buy credit card. It kept giving me errors. I called the Best Buy department and they said it was a technical issue. They said, ordering on a different should be fine and they said they would change the payment later. I confirmed it several times with the support team. I ordered and picked up the item on the same day. 
I called Best Buy to get this fixed two days later. First, they kept transferring to different departments, then, they asked me to go to a store (which I did), and the store people reverted me to the phone service. I was going in circles.
Here are some of their reasons:

1. Payment method cannot be changed once the item is picked (I wasn't told about this)
2. One reason why the error occurred was because of the credit limit. Looks like the refund for the previous item was still in process (I wasn't told. In that case, I would've simply waited and ordered it later.)

I cannot simply return the TV and purchase it again after spending an entire day with my friends to pick it up and setup. It took a lot of planning and work. And the cashback is significant because of the order cost. That would almost cover a PS5. One of the reasons why I really wanted to use the card. I was misled and not nobody is trying to fix it. I really want Best Buy to help me and fix this as it seems fair to me. 

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Re: Best Buy Credit Card - Payment Method

Good afternoon, Ponderer,


Welcome to our community forums. Buying a new TV is a very personal decision so I can understand wanting to make sure you get the perfect one for you home. Making your first purchase with a My Best Buy credit card has a great promotion so I can understand wanting to make sure these you receive as many points as possible. I would be glad to help you explore what options I may have to assist you.


As you mentioned, you can receive 10% back in My Best Buy points on your first purchase when using a My Best Buy credit card and standard financing. With that said, any changes like a return or exchange may invalidate this promotion. 


Based on your post, it sounds like this second purchase was made using something other than a My Best Buy credit card, is that correct? To my knowledge we do not have the ability to modify the payment used on a purchase once it has been completed and I'd like to take a closer look into this.


I'll need to gather a few more details so I can begin to review your purchase and will be sending you a private message shortly. You can check your inbox by clicking on the orange envelope in the top right corner of your screen after logging into your forum account. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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