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Best Buy Cardholder and All Points Converted to Certificates And Cannot Bank

I'll try to keep this short.


Basically I've been a My Best Buy Rewards member for a really long time and cardholder for around eight years. I've always used my Best Buy credit card to make purchases at Best Buy and have banked a lot of points over the years. I'm aware of a policy change that make point banking not available, but for credit card holders it is still possible to bank points.


About a couple weeks ago I had a lot of points banked up and on one day, they were automatically generated into certificates by Best Buy rewards. I logged in to see what happened and saw that it was in fact the case and I could not point bank. After reading more about policy, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't bank points.


I called customer service and they told me that my card was not properly linked to My Best Buy rewards account and that they would look into it and contact me. They gave me a case number and failed to call me back over a week later. So I called them. They told me I needed to go to the store to relink the account. The employees at the store were unaware of how to do anything like that, as I had assumed. I called Best Buy customer service again and they transferred me three times from the rewards department to the credit card department, to one other department. They could not help me and simply ended the call when they said there was an error popup when they tried to review my rewards and I needed to call back in 24 hours. 


I am asking...almost begging for someone at Best Buy to explain what happened to my account. I can see (based on information on my log in) that My Best Buy account is linked to my credit card account. I can almost see that 100% is true now. It does not make sense. Why can't I bank points? 

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Re: Best Buy Cardholder and All Points Converted to Certificates And Cannot Bank

Hey there, laxgoalie,


Thank you for reaching back out to us here on our Forum. Our My Best Buy program is a great way to save on new tech, so I understand bringing this to attention. Seeing that your My Best Buy points from your Best Buy Credit Card purchases are not banking is not okay and I too would be looking for some help here.


I would be happy to take a closer look into this on my end and see what is possible. To start, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number and email.

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