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Bad experiences with Best Buy membership

Someone in my family registered for a Best Buy membership and credit card last year and I've been having headaches because of the account ever since, so I'm posting this as a warning to any prospective members.


- She made her first purchase with the card last year, and paid it off as soon as the bill arrived. However, she was charged a hefty late fee because the bill itself arrived late in the mail. 

I've since changed to online billing but the credit card website itself is poorly designed and hard to navigate to find out details about your account, and forces you to pay only after all transactions are fully processed (all other credit card companies allow you to pay early, and simply refund unused balances after some time) - making it more difficult to maintain the account.

That's not to say the BestBuy website itself is any better - the only option for online customer service is through its chat, which disconnects you if you click away to another tab or window even if you've waited in queue for almost an hour, and where agents are often unresponsive. I've had several experiences where I've had to wait several minutes in between responses to very simple questions.


- Unlike all other credit rewards programs I am aware of, you cannot choose to accumulate your points - they are automatically issued as rewards certifications in denominations of a certain amount (by default $5, with an option for $20) and have a very short expiration date limit from being issued. Obviously, there is also zero flexibility compared to other programs so you can only use these rewards at Best Buy.


- Sometimes they have promotional offers where rewards certificates are given for extra spending, such as making x amount in purchases within a certain time period. However, these are NOT treated as normal rewards certificates and instead considered "bonus" certificates (even though they are simply called "rewards certificates" in all other communications), which cannot be returned in any way if the purchase is refunded - even though this is never mentioned anywhere in the small text of the certificate itself, nor in BestBuy website itself, which states: 

 "If you made a purchase using reward certificates and your order is returned or canceled, we will re...

In-store employees never mentioned this difference either, even when we explicitly asked about returns using a "bonus" rewards certificate when initially making a purchase with it. 

It seems like there is now a post in the Best Buy support forums that customer service refers to in order to claim that customers should already be aware of this difference, but that just goes to show that 1) there are enough customers that have encountered this problem and Best Buy is well aware of this possible misunderstanding and yet 1) the company is still purposefully engaging in the practice of making customers go on a wild goose chase of Google + various redirected links just to find out about any restrictions about the rewards, instead of transparently providing it on the main website or when the reward is issued, leading me to conclude that they are purposefully withholding information from customers to get their desired behavior.


Given these restrictions and that Best Buy prices are usually already inflated except for sales times, this makes the rewards program very much NOT worth it. I'd caution against anyone considering signing up for a membership.


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Re: Bad experiences with Best Buy membership

Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that they fail to send notifications about expiring rewards certificates.

Of course, the expiration date is printed on the certificate itself, but it is unreasonable to be expected to keep track of every single rewards expiration date, and I receive notifications about expiring rewards from all other stores with which I have a membership, even when they were not earned with purchases like these. 

This just goes further to show that Best Buy is purposefully withholding information from customers, which is unexpectedly dishonest penny-pinching behavior from such a large corporation.

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Re: Bad experiences with Best Buy membership

Hello, huizl, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for taking the time to post to our forum. While we cannot discuss any specific details about the My Best Buy account you mentioned, as it is under a family member's name, I am happy to explain further how point banking and reward certificates work with our program.


My Best Buy members are not able to bank their points and issue certificates at their discretion until they reach Elite or Elite Plus status in the program. Until that happens, you would need to change your account settings on so that certificates will be automatically issued in certain increments once your point balance reaches that threshold. While you should receive automated emails from us whenever a certificate is issued, some emails may be overlooked, hidden, or blocked by spam filters altogether. In addition, you may not be notified directly when a certificate is about to expire. Alternatively, customers are able to log in and view available certificates and their expiration dates in their account.


When it comes to regular certificates, they should usually be valid for 60 days after it has been issued (expiring at 11:59 p.m. CT on the day mentioned), unless otherwise noted on the certificate itself. On the other hand, bonus/promotional certificates are intended to be one-time use coupons. No points are awarded for these certificates, so while points are credited for most certificates, there is nothing to be returned for promotional ones. Here are a few links to help address everything I just covered:


My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ


Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ


When it comes to My Best Buy Credit Card payments and late fees, Citibank is the issuer of this card and can be contacted directly a few ways. Their support team can be reached at (888) 574-1301. In addition, they can be reached through chat on their Citi Mobile App or by Tweeting to @AskCiti.  


I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions or concerns about our program and terms, please let me know. Also, if your family member would like to reach out to us here on the forums, through Facebook, or on Twitter (@BestBuySupport) from her own account, we can take a look at her My Best Buy membership and assist however possible.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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