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Bad Experience- Please help!

I got a survey in my email today but I wanted to post on here as well since I am upset with a situation that occured in a bestbuy store at the levittown, ny location. I placed an order online for an ibuypower computer and used my bestbuy credit card. I have ordered many things from you guys being a cardholder for over 11 years now. After making the purchase online I realized that instead of getting the special fiancing I wanted the reward points instead since I was going to need a new mouse and keyboard. I contacted your customer support online and chatted with someone who stated that if I called the number on the back of my credit card and spoke to an account specialist they would be able to change the offer from the special finacing to the rewards. I had called the number which I was then transfered over I explained my situation and was told i had to be transfered to a different department that I couldnt be helped this went on for almost an hour just being told they were looking into my account and then i would hear music and someone else would come on the line. I was getting frusted at this point until finally I got someone and they told me there was nothing that could be done over the phone I had to go into a store and get this taken care of. I was also told I did not need the item and that the store could honor the price I paid for the computer since it was simple exchange. That all i would need is my order they could return it for me in store, i would rebuy the item and just choose the rewards. Overjoyed that I finally got someone after an hour of being transfered I went to my local bestbuy to make the exchnage. I went into your store on 09/04/2020. With my email in hand I waitied on line until I was next, the cashier Anthony called me over. I proceeded to tell him what transpired an hour ago and that I would just like to do an even exchange just so I can get my rewards. After which once this was done I wanted to purchase a monitor put it on my bestbuy card and get those rewards as well. Anthony proceeded to tell me that customer service missinformed me that I needed the product in store do to a return, but if I would like I could purchase the computer come back and return it. Which made no sense I had stated that all i wanted to do was an even exchange that I dont understand why i would need the computer if i wasn't returning it. At this point I am getting very aggravated, in which i asked to speak to a manger. The manager comes over which I don't remember his name and stated there was nothing that he could do and I would have to call customer service get another coupon code that they cannot simply do an exchange for me. 

At this time infurated I left the store and decided to go to mircocenter to purchase my monitor because after this incident I do not want to put anything on my creditcard. Being a loyal cardholder for 11 years and this is the type of service I was provided! I don't understand why a simple exchage couldn't take place the store was not losing anything from me, i didn't want to make an outright return just wanted to be able to get my reward points so i can make future purchases seeing how now I am in need of a new mouse and keyboard. I am highly dissatified with the store manager on just noing me the whole time. 

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Re: Bad Experience- Please help!

Hi, endlessxdreamsx, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for reaching out to us on the forum for support, and for being a My Best Buy Credit Card holder. I can understand wanting to switch your recent purchase to earn reward points since you were looking to purchase a new mouse and keyboard as well. I hate to hear about the difficulties you faced in getting assistance with this exchange, and I'd like to offer any assistance that I can with this now.


Please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and the order number for your computer. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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