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Account hacked and points stolen

On October 19th someone hacked and redeemed my points for $100 rewards consecutively until the account was drained. I was not notified by email nor was given any indication that my email status was turned off. I did a hours of research to find that many other people had similar suspicious account activity around the same time period as my account was drained. Such as this thread posted back on October 6


Please forward me to the right account speciality that can help me get my points back.


Thank You!!



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Re: Account hacked and points stolen

Hello, Erik,


Thank you for reaching out about your My Best Buy Account. I can understand finding that your points have disappeared wouldn't be a welcome situation. I'll be happy to review this with you. 


Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? To send the message, you can simply use the button in my signature below. 




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Re: Account hacked and points stolen

This situation has actually been happening since at least last May. Someone finds out you have tons of points, calls up, pretends to be you, changes your information to their fake email they made, creates certificates, buys products. It happened to me twice, both Apple products, and the company didn't really do anything to secure my account until the second time, after they told me I had to file a police report, which was a nightmare in itself. 

If you talk to someone, ask them to lock your account to where no one can request your information changed over the phone without sending it to the backend team and try to change your info to something new. It's what I had to do. It took me 5 months to finally get my account fully fixed after the 2nd time it happened to me.