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Account Hacked and Rewards Stolen

It seems I just got hit by the fraudalent email change and redepemption of over $1,000 in rewards in Maryland.  Got notification in email that account changes had occurred and which I know I didn't do.  Therefore, went into account to check and noticed a new fake email address associated with my account along with redemption of rewards with a subsequent purchase in the state of Maryland, which I know I didn't purchase as I'm on the complete other coast of the country.


Like other messages I've seen in this forum, I've gone ahead and update my account information with new password, and added 2FA.


However, my bigger concern is how to get back my over $1,000 in rewards.


Any help would be truly appreciated.




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Re: Account Hacked and Rewards Stolen

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Hello, Eric,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. We are glad to assist you today. I can understand that having your points used by someone else can be difficult. I would be glad to look into how we can assist you today. Could you provide your full name, email, phone number in a Private Message for more assistance?



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