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10% off discount with credit card sign up

Last week I signed up for a Best Buy credit card because the guy ringing up my purchase said there was a 10% discount that it would be taken off my credit card bill. I had told the guy that I usually use my card that earns points. He said I could pay the BB card with my other credit card and still get the points. That seemed like a weird thing to say since one credit card doesn't let you pay ith another credit card. And you definitely can't do that with the BB card. Anyway, I didn't realize until I got the statement that it wasn't 10% taken off on the bill, but 10% in rewards on the purchase. If I'd known that up front I wouldn't have applied for the BB card. I see on the forums I'm not the only person that had this mix up. So, if anyone from Best Buy is listening, please impress upon your sales people to explain this "discount" better. Thanks.

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Re: 10% off discount with credit card sign up

Hello lynndin, 

Welcome to the forum and to our My Best Buy program! It's fantastic to hear that you signed up for our Best Buy Credit Card, though I'm sure it would have been a far more satisfying experience had you been provided accurate details. We do our best to ensure it is clear that the 10% offer on your first day of purchases on a new Best Buy Credit Card is back in rewards, so it's discouraging to hear your experience may not have lived up to this. 


We greatly appreciate you reaching out to share your experience with us. As a new member of our My Best Buy program, you may find the links below helpful. 


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