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10% coupon didn't work in store

I was at home looking up a computer on my ipad. I found one that I liked and put it into my cart. It then asked me to sign into my best buy membership account. I did all these steps and the birthday coupon was available. It was a nice surprise. I then noticed that the computer that i wanted was available in store. So being the impatient person I am, I went to the store to buy it so I wouldn't have to wait. Started the check out process, gave him my info for the best buy membership and no coupon, no 10% off, no offer available in my best buy app, no code to give him, Why would a coupon be available for an online order but not available for an in store order, using the same best buy membership number?? And just so we're clear, this was an item that was not excluded, i bought my computer and went home. I thought I must have been seeing things, so i looked it up again because i thought i was crazy trying to get savings when there was none. No, it showed up when i went to "buy" the computer online. Any reason why this would happen? Did i miss the fine print where it was only available online? And why, if the coupon was available from Nov 23rd to Dec 31st, would it not be available for use (I bought my computer on Nov 29th)? 

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Re: 10% coupon didn't work in store

Hi there Civanna, and happy birthday! 

Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on receiving one of our birthday coupons. They can be a bit elusive, so it's always exciting to hear a customer has received one. Apple products are often quite the investment, so any chance at savings is stellar, especially as they're often excluded from coupons such as this. 

With that said, birthday coupons may vary in that they're not always able to be used online and in store. While some can be, some are in store or online only. By the sounds of it, this may have been the case for you. This would typically be listed in the terms of the coupon offer.


I know this may not be the news you were hoping for, but hope it clarifies your experience. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to send me a private message. 


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