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Who manufactures platinum cables?

I used to have an awesome micro usb cable made by Platinum that had an LED build into the front, around the micro port. When you touched the casing, it would light up. Genius idea. Why does nobody make something like this now? If it exists, I haven't found it. Please direct me towards it if you know of any.

In the mean time, does anyone know who manufactured those cables for best buy? Maybe I could track them down, and they still make these.

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Re: Who manufactures platinum cables?

Hi, dam091,



Thanks for reaching out. I have a Platinum brand cable to charge my phone, and it's one of the best cables I've ever owned.


As noted here, Platinum is one of Best Buy’s private-label brands, so these products are exclusive to Best Buy. You can find a listing of Platinum products here. It looks like that cable you’re looking for is no longer made, but keep an eye on that page to see if something similar pops up.



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Re: Who manufactures platinum cables?

Thanks for your response!

And yes, I saw that page, but Best Buy's Platinum series cases are made by Seidio, and they sell the exact same cases on their website. So I don't put much stock in that statement.
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Re: Who manufactures platinum cables?

You mis-understand.  Platinum is a Best Buy brand.  Best Buy does not manufactur the cables, another company does and they put that brand name on it.  


Only Best Buy sells some particular brands which they own. 

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