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purchase history for my only child(recently deceased)

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I am trying to obtain,my sons purchase see if any of his recent items,in particular a Nintendo Switch has anytype serial numbers listed on reciepts......Dustin {removed per forum guidelines}aka {removed per forum guidelines}........He had a couple of his items removed from his bedroom memorial........I have to have atleast a serial number,so I can check with Game Stop and stores of such......If you can assist would be greatly appreciated.......David {removed per forum guidelines}......cell {removed per forum guidelines} email: {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: purchase history for my only child(recently deceased)

Hello, DavidDalton,


First off, I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a family member, especially a child, is one of the worst experiences possible.


It's terrible that someone would do something like taking those things. I'd love to try to help you get those receipts so you can work to recover those items. In order to do so, we would need a copy of a death certificate and power of attorney faxed to us at (952) 430-0332. This is to protect the privacy of our customers.


Once that has been sent in, please follow up with me and I'll see what is possible here.



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copy of purchases

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Best Buy,I am trying to retrieve purchases from my deceased son's account.He was killed tragically on Oct 17th,2019.It has been  nothing but drama trying to obtain any information for his accounts.....all I hear,"You have to have a court order" god,he was my only child,even though he had just turned 29 years old......yes I am his father(whom raised him alone since a baby)......necer the less...I have his death certicate,accident report,police investigation report,Medical Examiner report,his drivers license.........all I'm asking for is to see if a Nintendo Switch was purchased through his account.........and the serial number if it was indeed purchased though you folks.It was stoled from his memorial......can you foks assist                                 Thank you,David {removed per forum guidelines}......I can gladly supply his information,copy of his and/or my driver's license along with any other information.

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Re: copy of purchases

Looks like you have an official reply telling you how to make that happen from back in February.  Follow those steps.

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